Laveen Is Like A Superstar

Quote : “If I tell the Immigration cops that I am pious about Islam, will they leave me alone, even though I have invalid papers?”

“I am an MBBS doctor, I had a sweet voice on the consultation with the patient, But most of the time I never give advice to take pure food all the time because I expect a lot of patients every day.”

“In this company, there are none like me because I always have the option to speak in English, just like the company owner‘s wife, who is also the operations-manager of the company”.

Most developing countries have a color-coded community; in Malaysia also it is not uncommon. Here, there are mainly three types of color-coded society: namely Malay, Chinese and Indian black, known as “Tamil.” In Malaysia, mostly opportunities embrace with color-coded events.

I was born in a stark harsh society in which all conflicts are common, only for some property between parents and children, and between kinship siblings. Sometimes it goes to the bloodshed. Here there is absolutely appearance about three seasons: severe winter, summer and rainy. Almost have a hurricane every year. Sometimes flood influence on the island because it was raining heavily between India and Nepal. Rainwater goes into Bangladesh to cross for the sea. I was born in a Muslim family does not have any non-Muslim houses close to my house, five miles away had several Hindu homes, they are absolutely poor and weak . I see from a tender age is my family had to struggle to survive on the island, despite all neighbor are Muslim here. We fought against introducing people in day period and unknown people in knight period, traitor police-officer arrive to testify accident when it is completely cool. People suffer loss because of massive natural disaster, still people engage with neighbors in the case of a little bit.

I came to Malaysia more than five year ago dramatically, just for survive with better peace. All is living on my guess yet. I continue to struggle against the problem just to survive because the color code of social, tribe and religion. Sometimes I think that I’m between stark and harsh environment of all, I’m afraid to sleeping later.
I’m working into a manufacture company; that is all type of printing. It is located at Johor Bahru in west Malaysia, between two popular places of the world, To the north is the world’s famous pinewood studio, it is called here “Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia studio.” And to the north is one of the world’s civilization regions is Singapore, which is known as a cleanest and safest to resort for any rich person.
The reception is constantly keeping three teenage girls for customer service, they are taken from three factions: the Malay, Chinese and Tamil? Mostly time girls have the option of selling the customer receives the same color.
In the Malaysian Indian Tamils have a tough choice to negotiations about the Tamil language; the Chinese also have a tough choice to negotiations about mandarin, and Malay have the starkest choice for any negotiations through Malay language.
Laveen, it is a name of the village, which is in Arizona, the United States . Here a Chinese girl came to work with me, which changed the course of history of my notion When I completely stopped about writing habit. Surprisingly, I started again after observing this girl romantic Chinese dodgy. Her name is Laveen through social media; but she is known within the company as Tan Zhi Xin. Laveen’s charisma just adapted cheerfully is like Thai pop star minni , who is a member of SWEE_D Band

Thai pop star minni

Thai pop star minni

Thai pop star

Thai pop star minni

Today is the first day for Laveen in this company as a sales girl. We are working on six designers into the designer-room, all are from various tribe, clan and religion. all Malaysians, but I just was immigrant here. It is approximate to 10am. Store manager Chu hua entered into the designer-room by taking Laveen. Chu hua gonna introduce of Laveen with all designers except me. Chu hua has been supposed that it will become a humiliation on Laveen status; it also will be a heinous and unforgivable corruption of local people, if she introduces me with Laveen in there Because Laveen’s gonna become to the most beautiful girl in this company.
Unlike in England, the people of Bangladesh with elite status: In the Malaysia, Bangladesh’s people is the lowest status, they are able to work here with only the lowest level in any case.
Laveen always comes to work somewhat like a girl who is simple, it seems to me that he did not wash her face well in the morning, her face still in a profound attracting than all girl here.
Although Laveen is a beautiful girl, I’m still not of any interest to be familiar with Laveen at all, because I do not have a better relationship with any colleague here after cooperation them for a long time. It defines from Laveen, working with her a few days later, she’s one of the brightest young girl through the job, she also knew very well English. Unlike Laveen with error crosses her new sales job, Laveen has the best performance of any other person at all. Despite Laveen is one of my colleagues, I do not know the name of Laveen a few weeks later as well, because all my old colleagues did not tell me it. So I begin to call her as a new Chinese girl a like “new Chinese girl puts this work in the MRP, so you can discuss with her about this job.”

Each day, some of job come to me all of salesperson, one day Laveen comes to me to do some work for her clients. And I ask Laveen to say her name, I was mention the most amazing and scary too .
” Excuse me , may I know your name please ” .
He gave me the answer with a smile unusual and unexpected form of diversity that I have never seen in my entire life.
“You can call me with an English name , it is Laveen.”
Almost 30 minutes later, Laveen comes to me again to discuss another job. I work with computer sitting on the seat. My left hand was on the key – the board and the other hand on the mouse;
Laveen closest to me, she put his head down a bit to talk with me clearly. Nearby points of her hairs mostly fell on my right hand. Immediately, I felt a change in the mind, it can feel in my running veins fully. And I look at Laveen, it seems to me that she was the most beautiful girl; I do not see that ever?
since Laveen began negotiation with me friendly, and he formed the option to pass the most of her work on me, I also felt a good time after helping Laveen properly. And I have done in the first of all the work had been opened by Laveen through MRP. Laveen behavior is very good to me, he always spoke with me completely cool.
I’ve never met a girl like Laveen in Malaysia. Some Malaysians became a close friend of mine, I had to work hard to make it.

Here the most of my colleagues do not like to say my “goodbye” or “good morning” when they left me after completing the job or meet me in the morning every day, but there are exceptions of Laveen. She always tries greeting me. One day Laveen is leaving for home after completing her job, whilst we have been met where we do finger print.
I asked Laveen. “Are you going back at home?”
“Yea.” she answered me with a little smile .
“I will miss you” I say it with an error.
the wonder is Laveen also told me with a smile and body language of beautiful diversity.
“I’ll miss you too ” .
I was there in the position; I think I’m not the power to stand up again.
And I began to dream of Laveen since.
Her Diversity systems of speaking led me to the concept of changing the course of  life when I was alone except for any destination? And I really fell in love with Laveen.

In Malaysia around when any of the local people come to work with me as co-workers, all of them accept me as part of ignorance. They showed me a sort of acting out of ignorance. Some people come to a better co-worker after working for a long time, But Laveen absolutely incredible. She changed the course of my life in Malaysia which inspired me to writing a few article and poem of love.
In company to all people, Laveen is known as Tan Zhi Xin, also did not know that Laveen is a singer. I only know as Laveen here, and she can sing too.

One day Afternoon, I read the letter to see a bulletin board with stand. Suddenly, Laveen beat me behind gently, in Malaysia where the girls come to get angry of me when they got accidentally my touch.

Her incredible smile and diversity of behavior that makes me feel very good beneath Laveen, which began about to stare at this for Laveen. If I receive Laveen as a life partner, it would be right or wrong?

Probably most people would guess that they would be lucky if they have worked in this company, because one of the most beautiful architecture with entrance walls and lobby, But it is really hard to believe about the company’s dormitory, which is for foreign general workers? The hostel is just behind the company. In this manufacturing company has various types of jobs, which is the wallpaper , billboards , signboards, Acrylic graving and all kinds of inkjet Digital offset printing. The tubes of smell way out is just on the back, that affects worst smell into hostel all the time, also having huge dirty.
I live in this hostel on personal safety, as well save some money. If the fabric is kept by exposing for a day then it just does not fit for use as the worst spelling and dirty.

I already avoid going out for a long time because my paper problem. In public Holyday I went in front of the company to take a clear breath sometimes when the company closed. I must have to keep my eyes around, to testify before the police and snatcher. It is the manufacturer’s aria, so the place is quite calm at every public Holyday.

“In this company none like me because I always have the option to talk about the English language, the company owner’s wife too, who are the operations manager of the company”. Still I have permission to work here because of a very good performance.

Sixteen young men live in this company hostel; they are the two Indian Muslims, five Nepalese Hindus, the other all are Bangladeshi Muslims except two Hindu. All of them are very good friends with each other except me. I live in here alone; no one wants to mess with me for dining as well. A mess is combined between Hindus and Muslims. do not belong to any of the mess cause many people think that I’m uncultured here. The reason is I have a single choice in the western culture of peace, and do not have strict choice between India and Bangladesh about traditional despite I’m a Bangladeshi.

Recently Malaysia government declares that they like to see the Malaysia except illegal immigrant. In this time Malaysia is a high alert about illegal immigrant because Malaysia has a conflict with terrorist’s factions to divide some parts of the province in Sabah. Therefore, I’m so afraid of outside, none for me there to help when I was arrested. I still need to go shopping for vegetarian.

One day knight i take the seat in the room shut the light then everybody is completely sleeping. The hostel is strictly quiet now. I ask myself, I’m Muslim. Friday afternoon player is the most important part for all male Muslims, but I’m avoiding it all the time by being afraid of capturing. Mostly Malaysian Muslim do not like me because I don’t know how to speak on Malaysian language. It means I will get permanent citizenship if I’m able to speak on Malaysian language well. And I scare all of hostel partners. They define the behavior of the prosecution if I do anything wrong with a person here. I think it is a good choice to respect all hardly continue.

Suddenly I remember about Azman Azra, it is a long time later. Why did he have to me like this. Azman Azra Bin Abdul Rahman is principal assistant secretary into Ministry of home affairs, his room is Immigration affairs division:
Ministry of home affairs,
level 4, block D2, complex D,
Federal government administrative center
62546 Putrajaya Malaysia.
to begin with all I have met with Azman at Milwaukee restaurant when I was serving as a waitress. Azman came to the restaurant for lunch with more two people; I think that they will be of Azman close friends or relatives. However, Azman was upon a very good mood, also was a little bit ignorance at me. The other two were joking with me all the time. It is a wonderful time for us the name is very similar to pronounce because my name is Azmal. They left a business card of Azman to me, they do it just for fun to keep me in fear somewhat. I stopped to joke with them after getting the business card.
One and more half year later when I could not renew my paper to live in Malaysia, Still I have twenty days remained to be invalid of my paper. I met azman to get the aid. It was Friday at 3 pm. I get a lot barricade there. Finally I met Azman, I was in the office of Azman almost thirty minutes. Currently Azman takes a call from customers with mobile. I feel so tired there, Azman said not me to take the seat for a time, although there are some empty seats. He is not of any interest to help me because he told me about the law of Malaysia. Still he said yes after I put my request. A few days his contact was with me, and suddenly Azman stops with me all type of contact.

I got the Most of Malaysia does not like to speak English grammar, but Laveen told me one day. “I only understand English grammar, as I learned in this way.”
I got Laveen initially in Malaysia who like to speak English: It’s a good reason for me to feel love for Laveen.

All the Malaysian girls go to weddings with its own choice, but Laveen told me this story , “it is because you’re a Bangladeshi. My parent never let me go out with Bangladesh whether i love or not.”

I have a friend in Malaysia who was MBBS doctor and worked with me in the restaurant when he was a student, and not busy with Study? He worked with me as part time.
I commend him on Facebook sometimes. One day I asked him “do you know the Doctor? People do not like me at all.” After that he told me, “If you expect people to like you then you must have to act on them. You always try to support their wrong decisions. The theory absolutely doesn’t work of wise people, but It works well of illiterate” and as example, “I am a MBBS doctor, I have a sweet voice on the consultation for the patient, But the most of the times I never give advice to take pure food all the time, because I expect a lot of patients every day. If people do not consume alcohol, cigarettes and worse foods; there will be good mostly person to healthy. And you know better than me, I had a doctor by Studying at private universities. So I had to lose a large amount, my mother arranged all limits; and she inspires me to be a doctor all the time. She worked as a cleaner at large. Nowadays I hope to set a lot of patients every day, and I never hope to see my mother as a cleaner again.”

The dinner was a hero to destroy my love. Laveen has been disclosed to me about the actual behavior. I think a weak ago, the company’s annual dinner will get the greatest joy while, what I do not ever forget, all go away on me dream barely. Dinner’s event is in front of the factory.
I wear the most beautiful clothes and I leaved for dinner early just to talk to Laveen. Laveen was sitting in reception where she’s working usual on. Indian sales girl looked at me, she was feeling bad because my fancy clothes. This name is Nileen Indian sales girl, the type of work about her that is not accurate at all times, and sometimes I think to work with her repulsive.

Laveen T-shirt is the color of fuchsia pink, T-shirt and lips color are almost similar, her nail polish with fuchsia pantone color. Laveen was speaking soundless somewhat. It is all to comprehend. Her smile is extraordinary pretty; it does not feel comfortable to me. If I say her ten of sentence then she’s just told a sentence. Suddenly, Nileen threat me to stop talking to Laveen, Nileen told me it with a warm anger. “You cannot interfere with my colleagues.” A few minutes later Nileen went to the locker room to prepare for the annual dinner. And I got another chance to talk to Laveen, but this time the company owner’s wife who is the operation-manager here, she said me not bothering Laveen at all. It affects Laveen completely, Laveen was not pleased to talk to me anymore, and she just left for the locker room, though I spoke to her about how I felt about this company. Laveen often used to present the biggest smile without any sound.

Why operation-manger and Nileen always look at me bad way? When Malaysian girl Alyssa and Chinese boy ping was poking and hugging each other in the designer-room of all the time, it does not complain there by anyone?

My fit was not less than anyone; still all of my colleagues do not feel interested in talking to me at all. The company invited a lot of customers for dinner, mostly customers are present now. Certainly, Laveen is different at the moment, this is completely like  a local Malaysian. Laveen is to take a seat next to Nileen, same table is a store manager and a customer is more, there are still empty seats with tables, but Nileen is similar between the teeth and the behave. I think if I take a seat beside Laveen. Lastly, the local people got the opportunity directly to insult me in front of everyone. So I take a seat at another table where I can see clearly of Laveen. I keep my visions in Laveen continue to every turns, and began to observe her. A few hours later I realized that Laveen is happy on the other hand, here Laveen’s smiles are to more pretty sound, but she smiled with me except the sound all the time. This means, Laveen smile for me so I do not make any trouble for her in the work, always try to help her.

A superstar must have to behave better with all type of people in the world, it is to hold the popularity. Laveen is also trying to position itself as such. I have met a lot of superstars; I see that their behavior is so friendly; I collected some of their e -mail address in the beginning. And I sent a mail to them, but I never responded. Actually superstar behavior is just to show people so that people spoil important times for them.

Last part
in company, All sales girls cannot go to lunch at the same time, so Laveen goes to lunch the most of the time at 12:00pm. I also have the option to leave for lunch in the same time, but Laveen goes to the restaurant by car, and I do it in the hostel. My mind wants to eat with Laveen all the while. I never become doubt to request Laveen about my wishing; sometime Laveen does not go to restaurant when she brings food with her from home.
most employees go to lunch except Laveen and me one day, she was finished eating her lunch, and I feel very hungry then, But the mind does not want to go to lunch, Laveen is to sulk enough, I saw her first time in this way, I’m just alone in a designer room. Laveen comes to discuss about the new job, she advised me how to do it by choice.
“Laveen, are you ok” I asked her after completing discuss of job.
Laveen stays in silent looks at me with a little angry.
“I really feel not well when you’re not feeling good because I’m still falling in love with you completely” I told her it with low voice and sensitively.
Laveen looks at me by big eyes, I never saw such portrait about Laveen. After this, I said her.
“I’m extremely sorry, it’s my fault.”
“Azmal, are you really feeling in love with me” Laveen said me it extraordinary pretty way.
” Yeah ” I said to her in a calm voice.
And Laveen start talking with so upset.
“well, I’m not feeling in love with you but hatred. Every day I come here to work to kill all my dreams because I was not born into an elite family, and the most of the time you distract me from job, all of staff here do hatred you strictly. I like to speak on English that’s why I try to use the better behavior with you. Now all I know is you’re sick, just go to the mirror for find your fit. I’m sure you must be unable to do it. I changed my mind not to complain into police station against you, but I don’t know why I do it.”

since i didn’t try to make a relation with Laveen anymore.
A few months later Laveen resigns the job because of her college education, but the most of my colleague thought that Laveen quits the job because of me interrupting upon Laveen continue. So operation-manager dismisses me from company.
The end

written by Azmal  on February 6, 2014

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14 thoughts on “Laveen Is Like A Superstar

  1. From Friend to friend, from best friend to girlfriend, from girlfriend to wife. It is a rule for a partner for men in Malaysia. But I always worked hard to be a husband does not follow this rule, this is a problem with me.

  2. Azmal, your story is nicely-written! Very good job! I had the same problem – I girl I work with was the most AMAZING woman I’ve met; but, at work, I had to “pretend” she was simply a co-worker. It was very difficult. She died six years ago. :-( I visit her grave on the anniversary of her death; and on her birthday. Her best friend told me when she died: “You know, SHE also was in love with YOU also – she told me.” That made my heart very happy! Although I still miss her strongly!

  3. I do not know how the 2nd comment about someone being ‘HOT’ got onto your blog. I made only the “first comment” above about being ‘confused’ by the ‘two names’ for Laveen (3 names, if you count the name “Laveen”0.

  4. Also, are any of the pictures “Laveen,” or are they all “Minni?” Looks like the pictures are all “Minni.” So you did not get any pictures of Laveen? :-(

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