No chance in world of get enough what want

Top Stories: Why Fall in love for Taylor swift; MONOPOLY LOVE AT TAYLOR SWIFT; Aeroplane inside Perry and jake; after getting up morning in hotel; After sexual intercourse; Couple is just for a night; Digital city; In the airport; Into surgery department; Jake and Perry are in the train; JAKE and SCARLETT meets on evening in raining; kill, Last part; love history; Loved you honestly before; Miserable; my heartbeat strike only me but you not; Next Saturday evening; No chance in world of get enough what want; Revengeful; Jake and scarlet meets in raining at knight; Scarlett home; Scarlett hometown; and sex.

 Quote JAKE is panting severely and says doctor SCARLETT “not need to work hard, will be safe after lie forever, please make me sleep with peace somewhat, No one come to you asking of me; sell my body for take your charge. No chance has in world of get enough what I want”.
SCARLETT try to console JAKE “don’t utter anymore, sorry!, but I’m not letting you give up beautiful earth like this”. JAKE begins weeping soundless with tears. SCARLETT puts her right hand on jake face, and says “don’t cry it’s going to over I promised you will be fine, close your eyes and takes a dream with pretty girl”.

Liam: “well, listen to me friend, and listen to heedfully. You could be to afford to meet with this famous girl, and also you can express what are you drawing of her around when have been dead all of rich and handsome by cyclone in this world which are higher than you every way Because who are working into Taylor swift home as housekeeping they also more educated and handsome than you, definitely. I think you’re unable to touching her used up shoes for a time if you try to do it hardly such popular star reserve them dresses in the secret, cause! Those will be sale at highest value after them pass away”.

SCARLETT: “male change the mind after put semen on female”.

Taylor swift

Taylor swift

summary: PERRY, SCARLETT, JAKE, LIAM and LEO is mainly part of this history, they all are on different steps. PERRY works in aircraft as airhostess; she is just expectancy to getting married with his boyfriend. Scarlett is a good medical doctor with surgery graduate she is busyness to discovering some things on medical, Scarlett also has choice to take revenge who betray with her. Leo want to get a big earning by investing less, he can do everything for it. Liam has a dream to be back at him non-development home town after earning enough, there he settles forever. Jake is without any relative in the world, his prime aim is for wedding a female to getting citizenship in a development country, that fetches ferocious situation for jake again and again.

taylor swift

taylor swift


Liam looks at around after awaking up, different type of Taylor swift image have been stuck on wall.

Jake: “good morning Mr Liam”.
Liam: “what the hell is carrying around the picture?”
Jake: “Perhaps you not got sleeping enough”.
Liam: “well, you’re falling in love at Taylor swift recently, huh”.
Jake: “I was not any choice except it. Therefore, I’m not joking with you from now”.
Liam: “you love her she already knows anything of this miracle expectation”.
Jake: “still not”.
Liam: “so when you will contact with her agent for meeting in a place”.
Jake: “it does never”.
Liam: “all I know of it is absolutely like insane person and why you are doing such stupid thing in weekly vacation”.
Jake: “you’re right exactly according to your sane, but me not”.
Liam: “do it seems to you that could be to afford to speak with Taylor swift just for ten seconds”.
Jake: “but I have an idea is you’re available known any help to do it”.
Liam: “definitely, well, listen to me friend, and listen to heedfully. You could be to afford to meet with this famous girl, and also you can express what are you drawing of her around when have been dead all of rich and handsome by cyclone in this world which are higher than you every way Because who are working into Taylor swift home as housekeeping, they also educated and handsome than you every way. I think you’re unable to touching her used up shoes for a time, if you try to do it hardly such popular star reserve them dresses in the secret, cause those are sell at highest value after them pass away”.
Suddenly a sound comes of opening door lock. An airhostess used to stay in front of them room with her boyfriend. Liam looks at outside by the door camera faster.
Liam: “the air hostess is going to working now. I want you to go to win in her carrying this rubbish bag so that she thinks that you are going to throw rubbish at ground floor”. Liam pushes jake to meet her with bully.
Jake: “I can’t Liam like this, because I don’t want to get any hatred from girl anymore, and she’s sleeping with boyfriend for the long time, you know well of it than me”.
Liam: “here have boyfriend for each girl. it’s a culture about here, You have to find a girl from there, ok, it’s a rehearsal for you, how you will discuss with your girlfriend Taylor swift if you have meeting someday”.
Jake: “I scare of her too much, I’m still recalling detestation what I got from a young girl yesterday you know well.”
Liam: “if she makes a wrong with you then I will send an email against her to Airlines Company”.
Perry’s waiting in front of lift. The lift comes on the floor after jake reaching over there.
jake: “could you escort me for ground floor please”.
Perry: “yeah. Come on”.
Jake: “sorry to giving up messy smelling here”.
Perry: “it’s all right”.
Jake: “your name plate says it’s Perry, right.”
Perry: “yeah”. She smiles as light.
Jake: “how’re you.”
Perry: “fine”.
Jake: “could I ask a question about you please?”
Perry: “it’s my pleasure.”
Jake: “can you tell me please something about you what have been in your job, which you not forget ever”. She’s absolutely silent for a little time.
Perry: “I’m so sorry for now, it’s late for train. Bye”
Jake: “bye.”…

Digital city

Jake: “welcome back to home”.
Liam: “thanks. Did you go anywhere today?”
Jake: “yes!, it was far away, And I didn’t be present ever in there”.
Liam: “do you have any interest to share with me of the new traveling?”
Jake: “it’s not pleasure to me to sharing with you, still I will explain because of request”. jake goes to window and looks far away, He looks for the moon but he’s unable to see properly. The tree leaf’s flying with team working.
Liam: “are you trying to find anything?”
Jake: “no, just looks around and I got it already.”
Liam: “are you ok? Did you get any hurt from anyone? Probably I got many times to tell you that not to traveling alone in unknown place even not going far away”.
Jake: “I’m alright; everything is fine to me more than before”.
Liam: “so why do you change somewhat right now. Tells me not to keeping secret of anything;”
Jake: “it’s a quiet islet.”
Liam: “this is name of the island”.
Jake: “yes that’s right”.
Liam: “I never heard of it. How you went in there”.
Jake: “I think it’s not important how I went in there, but the important is what happens in it”.
Liam: “sorry, go on please”.
Jake: “people are faithful with each other in the islet. Population is so low through there. I met not with any police and army even any security guard; police are so less figure that’s why all police stay in police station all the time”.
Liam: “it’s great to me. I’m feeling well not to have police enough in there because police is disgusted matter to me here. They’re making me unhappy with every day”.
Jake: “do you want me to continue the story”.
Liam: “of course, I’m so sorry. It’s my fault.”
Jake: “perhaps it’s unbelievable to you, but it was absolutely real to me and her”.
Liam: “pardon me please, her! It means that you were with a girl in there”. Liam wonders about it more.
Jake: “you don’t hope to see me with a girl”.
Liam: “it’s wrong, sorry. You should come back on the point”.
Jake: “people got everything but still people are non-pride as like I wanted”.
Liam: “that’s why you got the girl from there”.
Jake: “sorry sir you are not right here, i was relation with her from the long time ago”.
Liam: “what kind of friend am I for you, but you didn’t tell me ever about it a little bit too”.
Jake: “we lost the contact for the long time”.
Liam: “maybe I’m just one in this terrible city without girl. I must be happy if you explain to me not to putting secret anything”.
Jake: “you can’t recognize at all on quiet-islet about whose reach and poor. One type of everything in there as like bus, train, hotel, School, College and university even apartment. Don’t have any bungalow in it. All is long same storey building. You can say it as digital city. Internet, bus and phone line is free for apiece including foreigner. You must have to utilize ATM city card for purchase anything and also for taking any servicing. You find not any cashier and servicer within any outlet; those have to do exclusive by your own because everything is computerising system in here. When you want to enter in any outlet you must have to punch ATM city card at first. Your own will do counting and paying after shopping and dining by using ATM city card. If you try to make any wrong then you can’t become out from outlet. If you make a big mistake again and again then you can get shooting from computerise weapon. Every traffic signal you will get computer to taking information about what you planning. If someone violates the rule and regulation then they get warning for three times. After this the bullet comes for them on leg at first, also can make up you at sleeping forever. It’s all for this moment? I’m falling asleep now. So I’m going to bed good night”.
Liam: “still you didn’t tell me anything about the girl”.
Jake: “I’m promising is to be detail of it later”.
Liam: “I’m going to kitchen for cooking. Will I call you for dining after completing cooking?”
Jake: “you don’t have to cook and call for tonight, my girlfriend already did all But the cook is not so well because I bothered her all the time.”
Liam: “what’s name of her and where’re she leaving now”.
Jake: “don’t worry please, someday I fetch her here again for familiar with you, but you must have to vow with it at first is you can’t criticize anything of me and her”.
Liam: “ok. I’m waiting to it”.

Another time meeting in lift jake and perry

Jake: “you’re richest girl in this building you know?”
Perry: “you can speak well for joking with girls?”
Jake: “maybe you’re right here.” “This is an oldest tower in the city. That’s why I have been affording to renting”.
Perry: “I see.”
Jake: “you don’t care of this beautiful life?”
Perry: “pardon me”.
Jake: “I mean your job and home for knight, both is terrible”.
Perry: “something like that, But the problem is of money”.
Jake: “what kind of guest you like to get into aeroplane”.
Perry: “aunty and uncly”.
Jake: “I don’t know of uncly but aunty”.
Perry: “I think you don’t about both. Aunty means whose don’t have own any wisdom but always says yes, yes, yes. And uncly means whose don’t have any interesting of sex anymore. Other people are loathsome to me all the time. Bye, see you with rubbish bag again”…

Jake and Perry are in the train.

Jake likes to read newspaper but he never buy it. He goes to read at department store each day. Seller always scolds jake for it. Still jake does it all the time. Jake takes a newspaper from store.
Liam: “let’s go hostel for cooking I’m so hungry after morning walk. And I don’t want to get any despise in my off day”.
Jake: “who requested you to taking ignore from someone by standing here. Newspaper is able to remove my hungry somewhat you know”.
Liam: “do you think that newspaper reading better than everything in this moment?”
Jake: “you are absolutely right here, that’s why I appreciate about you enough to my entire moment friend”.
Liam: “but I’m thinking is more important this lonely pretty airhostess, who’re going to fly a few hours later”.
Jake: “oh shit. Why you always want me to put at rushing? See you”.
jake takes money bag from Liam pocket and he takes away all money from Liam money bag. Jake goes away to Perry stopping his all holiday plans, he meets with Perry after leaving the train for airport.
Jake: “hi”
Perry: “hi, where you are going to”
Jake: “airport to receiving one of my friend. How are you with this nice dress?”
Perry: “fine, how about you”.
Jake: “it’s fine in this moment but later”.
Jake keeps a lot of unnecessary question to Perry in the train.
Perry: “our journey is completed here”.
Jake: “I really do hatred this train”.
Perry: “why you do it,”.( she used to smile excellent after finish his sentence sometimes)
Jake: “Because it always keeps highest speed”.
Perry: “So you want to go to flying with me today”.
jake: “you make so late to leak out it”.
Perry: “if I said it more early. Then what you used to do”.
Jake: “must try to get the visa”.
Perry: “aeroplane is higher than this electric train you know, do you have any plan to getting a terrible attack from me boyfriend before your quitting my country. If you don’t want it then just recede from me please forever because i got the time to tell you prior that I abhor looks like handsome”.
Jake: “it’s ok. Thank you so much for real steps”…

 Why Fall in love with Taylor swift

jake and Liam are just only foreigner worker in this restaurant. And Samuel like to do better behaviour with jake and Liam here. Other all like to bully jake and Liam all the time in the restaurant. Samuel always like to do a good conversation with jake and Liam as best friend. It’s midnight the restaurant is terminated. Jake, Liam and Samuel are walking on the street for going to home.

Samuel: “hay Liam. Did you have a girl ever?”
Liam: “still not, do you know about jake. He had a girl for the long time”.
Samuel: “really, She’s local or foreigner jake”.( Samuel punches of jake back softly and asks him).
Samuel: “when you’re going me to introduce with her”.
Jake: “you already met with her, but you were unable to recognize”.
Samuel: “I can’t wait anymore, please be detail”.
Jake: “sorry I can’t, because I like to keep it in secret”.
Liam: “but I like to express this secret now”.
Samuel: “does it Liam. I appreciate about you enough”.
Liam: “she’s one of the most popular singers, it’s Taylor swift”.
Samuel: “Mr jake keeps it at dream forever; also you should prepare yourself to struggle against hurt because Taylor swift will be abused by more people in upcoming days. And maybe naughty people upload this obscene video clip on YOUTUBE website someday. You have to weep leaning pillow If you wetted pillow with own tears at all. And someone or Liam writes a letter to Taylor swift about this fact. Taylor Swift doesn’t recede from her habituation a little bit. If you’re unable to keep confidence on me story. Then you can check our through YOUTUBE website”.
Samuel: “Mr jake I have an advice for you is you want to live in the world keeping own with sane. Then you try to forget all about her”.
Jake: “I think you know that a dog is so easy to tame for owner because the dog respect owner mainly reason for food. And many human dogs are rushing at Taylor swift to earning money. She’s a star within the most popular in the world nowadays. Therefore, you know a lot of thing about her obscene back ground, but how long know of your fiancé. People are busy to collect information about all steps of Taylor swift. That’s why everybody knows about stars character. It also can be truth that the girl of you has been abused more than Taylor swift”. (Samuel begins hardly to punch and kick jake not to considering anything of body after saying fuck you until jake falls down).
Liam stops it carrying some punch from Samuel.
Samuel: “how dare to comment of me girl”.
Liam: “it’s all fault. I’m really sorry. We never do like this ever, please be cool”.
Samuel: “you should quit such a crazy friend for perfect safety into my country”.
Liam: “it’s exactly admirable to me now, I toil to do it. Please.”
Samuel goes away leaving them there.
Liam: “you can walk own”.
Jake: “thank you so much to protect me, if you’re not here then I had to nearest dead today”.
Liam: “toil to avoid unbosom with local people”.
Jake: “it will be remembered until stopping this hurt”.
Liam: “Samuel will express the fact to everybody through the restaurant, after this the abuse will increase since tomorrow; it’s a good point to our searching for new job”.
(Jake’s panting and Liam’s helping jake to walking on street at home).
Jake: “I want you take a seat for me now to feeling better”. Liam sat jake beside street.
Jake: “Samuel was absolutely right of one thing”.
Liam: “what’s that?”
Jake: “leaving me alone, it will not be a worse decision for you.”
Liam: “Three things are important to me recently, It’s job, food and sleeping. Those is expensive and strong for who’re alone in abroad as poor. You’re not good enough to me but other people is more defective than you for me here. Please come on, give me your hand and try to walk, police interrupts us here.”
Jake: “I want you to going to hostel for carrying some money from me bag because the clinic not admitted me without money”.
Liam leaves for hostel keeping jake in a safe by siting alone a little far from street. A naught boy with a girl halts motor cycle for throwing urine. Only boy can see jake there. He goes to jake and asks. “Do you want any help, man?”
“don’t want, thanks” jake answer.
He takes the expensive mobile and money bag from jake not to telling anything. Then jake begins hitting him strongly after completing discussing. Snatcher is going to losing against jake. Lastly, his girlfriend hits severely jake behind by hamlet. They put jake on middle of the street after beating too much. The street is absolutely silent then. jake is absolutely unable to move.

Almost 10 minute later Scarlett is being back at her home from hospital, she was close to sleep, so she’s driving with medium speed. Sudden Scarlett sees that a people falling down on the street. Scarlett breaks and turns to right immediately. Behind side of the car touches jake as slight. She rolls around jake to justify the fact. And Scarlett looks at jake from car. she can understand considering signs; jake got an attack by people.  he lost too much blood and could not air clearly. Scarlett took jake into car for her hospital. She hospitalized him for treatment immediately…

Into surgery department.
Jake: “not need to work hard, will be safe after lie forever, please make me sleep with peace somewhat, No one come to you asking of me; sell my body for take your charge. No chance in world of get enough what want”.jake’s panting.

Scarlett: “don’t try to speak anymore of worst ladder, sorry! But I’m not letting you give up beautiful earth like this”. jake’s weeping soundless with tears. Scarlett puts her right hand on jake face. jake looks at Scarlett. Scarlett try to smile how far she can do.

Scarlett: “All right! First of all I’m gonna connect your air machine.” Scarlett put the air machine on jake after wash his month.  “Don’t cry please, it’s going to over I promised you will be fine, close your eyes and takes a dream with a pretty girl.” scarlett consoles jake with amazing smiling again. Scarlett don’t goes back at home after completing surgery exactly. It’s early morning, she comes to jake’s bed after getting enough sleeping, she goes to check jake at first all of her patient. Jake wakes up at 12.30pm. by the Scarlett went to bath and lunch. Scarlett visits jake almost one hour later.
Scarlett: “good afternoon, I’m sorry to be late”.
Jake: “it’s ok. Thank you to help me.”

Scarlett: “ok! Now you feel anything of pain”

Jake: “no, everything is all right. Can you do me one more favour please?”
Scarlett: “of course”.
Jake: “I want you put in me hostel”.
Scarlett: “why! people don’t serve you enough, tell me who did it. I must do deduction them salary.”
Jake: “you don’t have to do it because problem is mine, No losing and earning in hostel. Here I have to lose, but don’t have anything for losing”.
Scarlett: “don’t worry; I let you leave hospital except any trouble.”
Jake: “never meet such good person in my life”.

Scarlett: “more good person have in the world than me”
Scarlett gives jake expensive treatment all as free…

Scarlett and jake are met on street in morning a few month later.

Jake: “hi”
Scarlett: “hi”
Jake: “how are you”
Scarlett: “I’m good, how are about you”.
Jake: “I’m feeling a great after seeing you, you just not feel well standing under sun”.
Scarlett: “yeah, not feel bad at all”.
Jake:. “Don’t complain please to taking this umbrella”, Scarlett uses umbrella and request jake to go under umbrella.
Scarlett: “it’s some change now?”
Jake: “same to me”.
Scarlett: “where are you going now?”
Jake: “to escort you for hospital”.
Scarlett: “after this”.
Jake: “at western restaurant to work as usual”.
Scarlett: “it can get the late for your job”.
Jake: “I don’t care because I can’t let you go under sun shine”.
Scarlett: “I’m going to hospital by walking it’s first time, although I’m working here for two years over.”
Jake: “you sold out own one to purchase the modern car, am i right?”
Scarlett: “I don’t have any plan to waste, it’s out of service. Therefore, I kept it in servicing centre”.
Jake: “excuse me, can we take a seat where are shadows beside river just for a few of minute”.
Scarlett: “ok”.
Jake: “everything I got great in this moment.”
Scarlett: “but don’t have enough time for both.”
Jake: “I’m gonna give you thanks for help me of that terrible knight. You can go back home without carrying me to hospital. No one was to help in there.”
Scarlett: “it’s ok, I’m so sorry it’s really getting late to working for me right now, you too. So we should get out of here”…

Jake and scarlet meets in raining at knight.

Jake is walking on street slowly under the slight raining with long dreaming. Scarlett calls jake from aside, she is in her car. Jake can hear it after three time calling.
Scarlett: “hay, what are you doing here? Get in car to come with me.” Jake gets on her car saying “thank you.” Scarlett is driving the car slowly.
Scarlett: “well, let me know wherever you want to get down I will do it for you.”
Jake: “don’t have any idea, it’s up to you.”
Scarlett: “what, up to me.”
Jake: “yeah”
Scarlett: “are you serious about what told me right now.”
jake: “definitely, Because I’m just walking on the way except any focus.”
Scarlett: “it’s all right, but it can fetch the black fever for you because of wetting into raining. You should take tissue from over there to drying own.”
Jake: “thanks.”
Scarlett: “how are you feeling now?”
Jake: “it’s fine but so cool. Sorry! I’m not telling you stopping air-cooler.”
Scarlett: “never mind, I’m gonna to stop it.” Scarlett turns to patrol station for fuel. She does full of the fuel tank.
Scarlett: “looks at fuel meter, I will drive the car just keeping straight until meter comes to half, and I want you get down in there without excuses. It’s my honest decision because you told me is up to me”.
Jake: “it’s not getting into worse.”
Scarlett: “but you’re getting sheer quiet of knight.”
Jake: “I’m not going to suffer the hurt what you think of me now because I don’t have to work in tomorrow. That’s off, for me weekly holiday.”
Scarlett: “me too.” Scarlett puts lowest spread the car, She takes a nice cigarette box from her bag. Puts fire a cigarette for inhale. Jake gazes at Scarlett because it shock jake intensively.
Scarlett: “smoking never will be a good thing for human. so I’m sorry not to offer you whether just like to become into a gentle girl.”
Jake: “miss, you inhale cigarette. Simply, it looks like pretty sexy girl to me, but it also could destroy your medical professional someday.”
Scarlett: “just you know from now about smoker doctor.”
Jake: “it’s risk for business if patient can recognize of your habituated into cigarette.”
Scarlett: “we’re far away from me hospital, and I don’t hope poor patient like you, Sorry to say that truth.”
Jake: “it’s ok. Well, could I get a cigarette please.”
Scarlett: “did you inhale it ever?”
Jake: “no, it’s first time going to involve”
Scarlett: “fine, give me a few minute please.” She halts the car in front of 7/11 department store, And bid me to sit in car.
Scarlett: “I want you just sit here. I’m coming back with something.” She bought some candy from there.
Scarlett: “takes those, and sucks those up continue.”
Jake: “I’m not kid anymore.”
Scarlett: “but I’d like to see you as a mere boy all the time. adult’s men have firmly choice to make trouble for young girl.” Scarlett inhales cigarette, restlessly.
Scarlett: “do you already travelled everywhere of this island?”
Jake: “still not But it’s a good and long journey for me of the first time in the whole of my life.”
Scarlett: “I already have been travelling almost all streets of this island. Someday I will assist you introducing of this island, perfectly, but I’m really sorry because you have to get down right now, the fuel meter is on half now.” after parking the car.
Jake: “thank you so much for travelling.”
Jake’s getting down quitting candy in the car.
Scarlett: “hay, you can carry all candy, it has bought just for you.”
Jake: “thank you for it too.” with sulk somewhat.
Scarlett: “good night.”
Jake: “good night, drive safely please.”
It’s a bank of ocean; Jake looks at around to finding a place for resting the night.
Jake selects a darkness place beside the bank of ocean for rest hiding own from all So that no one can see him. Jake was gazing at far away at ocean by siting. Approximate thirty minute later, Scarlett comes to jake again.
Scarlett: “why you’re waiting here for home.”
Jake: “probably someone can come to help me for reaching in the hostel”.
Scarlett: “do you know is you’re speechifying exactly like a little baby? rich men mind is poor than needy.”
Jake: “yeah. I think so, because I have lost the money bag, It’s unable to remember is where I did, This place is new to me too”.
Scarlett: “you should tell to me a few word of it at least! Ok, it’s enough for this moment. Just follow me now.”
Scarlett’s driving the car with medium speed.
Scarlett: “I think that you’re so angry of me right now somewhat.”.
Jake: “not, I’m not in there at all with you.”
Scarlett: “well, why you’re siting like a dumber. You could be explained near me something of the great instant from your life”.
Jake: “so well, the age is eight of me then, I was studying at standard two of primary school. I have to go to the school walking by non-metal road. The build has completed a few day prior. By the time Mostly pupils used to go to the school without shoe because here people are so poor in the villages. It’s the hottest season then. The air’s blowing hardly from our ahead. We were three pupils walking at the school. My friends and I planned for making dusk storm by legs. And we do it with team working. A few minute later, after reaching at the school.  The most insisted teacher came to the school same way. He has met accident because of our made dusk’s storm. His face is full by dusk. Head is bleeding and working as lame. We were fearful strictly because this teacher always beat us hardly when he has got from a tiny mistaking.
But that day he didn’t put anything about punishment after knowing the fact. I can realize after growing up that he beats us honestly so that we find a great life from the poor. I like him too much recently.”
Scarlett: “thanks it’s nice to share of the real fact. Did you meet with this teacher ever after growing up?”
Jake: “since he passes away a few months later by violence around when he was coming in capital of school paper. I’m missing a good teacher. He gave a lot of thing in the short time, but I did for him nothing. Whenever I go to the sect do well-wishing for him.”
Scarlett: “you’re doing right thing is what’s the most important for him now.”
Scarlett keeps parking in front of combined wine store with a restaurant after a few minute driving.
Scarlett: “I’m going to purchase something, that’s rigorously forbidden for you.”
Scarlett fetches a bottle whisky and champagne, Also she purchases supper for both.
Jake: “do you know that usually not enough wholesome restaurants’ food because I worked in a lot of restaurant, but they have good procedure for wholesome food.”
Scarlett: “I don’t have enough time to cook at home; still I’m going on studying of medical to be a good doctor someday.”
Jake: “I’m sure that you’re a good doctor here according to other.”
Scarlett: “it’s just gentle word to get the respect from people.” Scarlett always smiles and hangs hand with every sentence

my heartbeat strike only me but you
at Scarlett’s home

It is among the most luxury apartments in this island, on the bank of ocean. There is the possible to watch between sunset and sundown specifically just changing the balcony. Jake never entered within such luxury house. The rooms all are full by wonderful furniture, so jake looks at around slowly with amazing. It seemed to jake that Scarlett is one of the richest persons of the world.
Jake: “you’re living here lonely.”
Scarlett: “no, my maternal uncle and his wife are with me, they went to another city to buying some of equipment for them hospital.”
Scarlett was taking alcohol and cigarette restlessly by turns.
Jake: “can I get some drink please? I hope similar what you are drinking now.”
Scarlett: “our relation is like doctor and patient; let’s go to supper on the table.”…

After taking them supper

Scarlett: “can I do one question please.”
Jake: “anything, whatever you are drawing of me”.
Jake: “you carried me at home, why?”
Scarlett: “you’re taking the seat keeping vision at ocean over there, I would argue that mosquito is interrupting you in there, but here you can do that going to my balcony, No one is going to interrupt you here.”
Jake: “well, thank you. Not need to do that anymore”.
Scarlett: “why you changed!”
Jake: “the trouble already got solve. Could I walk around your flat just for time?”
Scarlett: “why not, but you must have to complete the supper in first.”

Jake asks Scarlett about her bed room picture after completing the travel everywhere.
Jake: “could I do one more question about that pictures what jointed on the wall in your bedroom.”
Scarlett: “why you chose to ask just of that pictures by ignoring all this things of my home. That pictures are not nice at all, right.”
jake: “it’s wrong. It’s exquisitely; she has a long brown zigzag hair between great smile and vision.”
Scarlett: “well, do you desire to familiar with her too much.”
Jake: “it used to make me happy for a while.”
Scarlett: “you already have been felt the love in her.”
Jake: “sorry, don’t know how to find an idea answering of it.”
Scarlett: “You have to block everything of your dreaming not to fetching tears.”
Both are keep mum for a while.
jake: “oh shit. I am really sorry for my stupid idea. Actually I’m not a man into gentle.”
Scarlett: “she’s dead by suicide; it’s my only one younger sister she passes away three years earlier.” Scarlett takes a long breath, cigarette and alcohol.”
Jake: “I’m extremely sorry it’s my fault.”
Jake: “she was absolutely adorable, and it seemed to me that she was best than you several way, as like she used not to like to take own for appearing between intoxicated and tobacco.”
Scarlett: “it’s able to apparently because the psyche of her belong with me sometimes.
She goes on alcohol and tobaccos continue more.”
Jake: “I’m not gonna to become your patient anymore. The reason is who is absurd to care own how she take care about others.”
Scarlett: “I don’t like to prescribe male patients, honestly, also disdain all male except my maternal uncle.”
Jake: “do you want me to realize are you having not anything for interesting with male. That’s apparently as lesbian. Sorry to freedom expression.”
Scarlett: “it’s ok because still you have truth conversation with a lonely young girl”
Jake: “but I don’t know enough still of lesbian or gay.”
Scarlett: “you will be struggling against everything around when you will know about a lot of things.”
jake: “could I do one question of your own with exemption.”
Scarlett: “anything whatever you want. I think we’re already discussing through exemption.” She already finished a pack of cigarette and the champagne bottle also is near finishing there. Scarlett is the nearest intoxicating now.
Jake: “when you became at lesbian. And why you like to do it.”
Scarlett: “well, I felt to put it after beginning detestation on male. I don’t know exactly how to answer it now, but I’m isolate here because I still got not any girl for me. So are you gay right, and you’d like to have for entertainment males?”
Jake: “no idea in there, because I’m virginal.”
Scarlett: “the virginal is a very good word to males is for destroying a pretty girl life.”
Jake: “can you help me please here?”
Scarlett: “yeah just leak out.”
Jake: “I need you give more of water. It’s thirsty situation for me.”
Scarlett: “I’m getting it”
Jake: “thanks for drink; you shouldn’t call the hurt for further knowing everything of health.”
Scarlett: “nice to hearing it. Do you like to stop this misguide?”
Jake: “I do my best, but I’m really not finding the clue for you?”
Scarlett: “because I’m not a pretty girl, but impolite.”
Jake: “you’re adorable to all male. You’re great by considering many of ways. It’s not less of anything than a few Hollywood actresses.”
Scarlett: “so you want me to kissing you like Hollywood movie.”
Jake: “the movie story is just able to feeling in the night sleeping dreaming.”
Scarlett: “looks at me. No more dream it’s real, kiss me, don’t be late I can change my mind hurry up.”
Scarlett kisses down lip of jake barely.
Scarlett: “are you feeling SOME change in this moment.”
Jake: “yeah definitely, among me the running vein.”
Scarlett: “don’t try to come closer; probably I’m baron than you many of part, maybe about energy too.”
Jake: “please treat as doctor with me. I’m almost close to sick. You know perfectly about all reasons of me sickness.”
Scarlett: “you’re absolutely right here. You’re also genius sometimes to me.”
Jake: “it’s my vow to doing whatever you say here. Let me be feelings better please.”
Scarlett: “I have good advice for you, just go to wash room and take shampoo to using your soft hand one. Come back to me after completing the work in there.”
Jake: “you’re a cruel doctor, you know?”
Scarlett: “it said one of me deceiver boyfriend to me prior”
Jake comes back after finish toilet work.
Jake: “I’m getting out of you forever. Don’t have any interest to playing a game with you anymore neglecting my heart.”
Scarlett: “wait, wait. Don’t do like bastardly somewhat, you promised with me for two times in this small moment here. You will do for me your best work.”. They’re quarrelling with so angry.
Scarlett: “male brings changing after putting them semen on the female.”
Jake: “tell me of your planning what you want me to do.”
Scarlett: “it’s another time. The sane is not well ours. So it’s not important to me now, but now the important to me is too necessary to get sleeping well for sometimes. Follow me now; I’m going to escort in your hostel.”.
Jake: “driving the car is difficult for you. Police can make a file against you.”
Scarlett: “that will become good to me if you take rest here for this knight please. I can’t let you go alone in this silent night.”
Jake: “ok, all right.”
Scarlett: “follow me, Come on.”
jake followed Scarlett according to her aspect then.
Scarlett: “it’s my bed room with including bathroom. Please don’t try to do anything with me after getting good sleep, what is dislike to me at all. Good night.”
Jake: “thank you to share my unexpected moments, Good night.” Scarlett goes to bed in maternal uncle room.
Jake puts his vision around far away by window, the knight is absolutely silent now, and nothing is there. Jake fell in sleeping on the floor a few minute later. Not lock the door.

After morning

Scarlett switches on highest volume music with old classic hit. Jake still not get up.
Scarlett: “good morning gentle man. It’s perfect sun shine now, so you could terminate of all the dream now.”
Jake: “oh sorry”. jake greets not Scarlett then.
Scarlett: “why you slept on the floor.”
Jake: “it’s not floor, there are a good carpet.”
Scarlett: “but it’s so messy because no one did clean it here for one week over.”
Jake: “you don’t have to worry, yet it’s too clean than me hostel bed.”
Scarlett: “come near dining table for breakfast after being clean.”…

On the dining table in morning

Jake: “thanks for breakfast. And you’re going to explaining about your proposal.”
Scarlett: “I’m so sorry I can’t do it now. A lady comes here for housekeeping within every Sunday, but she had a call not to coming for today, so I have to do housekeeping my own.”
Jake: “can I help you with it.”
Scarlett: “do you have any experience of it.”
Jake: “my previous job was on housekeeping in Hilton hotel.”
They did team work for housekeeping…

In lunch on noon after housekeeping

Scarlett: “all I know of you is you have a tough sex; the trouble is about money and security, because you have been unable to collecting identification card from any country office. Hay sexy boy, everything must come to be solving for you. And I also give a chance to playing with me in your way, but if you agree with me to do a job for me”.

Jake: “why still you’re waiting to express of the real point?”
She shows jake some pictures about her ex-boyfriend.
Scarlett: “all heartbeat of me will be displacing after watching his terrible dead. Also A big changing will come in your life after completing this job. You will get up on everything in there because I will pay you the wage like you’re wanted, you know.” Jake keeps his vision on Scarlett with grimace.
Scarlett: “We will have a great sex after completing agreement. So don’t try to recede of this opportunity, just for one mistake will come back the biggest change in your whole of life. No one get for bully and ignore you at all. You can see everybody from a black car, but people cannot see you from there, how great is that you know?”
Jake: “I think so, but I need you to know the profile perfectly about your ex-boyfriend at first”.
Scarlett: “therefore, we need to meet for one more time. Now we’re going to leave for today. Please contact with me for next private meeting while you will get off day.”
Jake: “of course, but you must have to choose the place for meeting except your home”.
Scarlett: “ok, see you”…

Next Saturday evening.

Jake dials to Scarlett from his mobile.
Jake: “hi, it’s me of your new partner. How are you?”
Scarlett: “I’m not doing the worse after getting your calling”.
Jake: “perhaps it’s Saturday, and you forget of it is where was we supposed to meet today”.
Scarlett: “that’s right. Thanks for recall. Well, tell me is where you are right now”.
Jake: “it’s the closest of your hospital”.
Scarlett: “ok, I’m so sorry still I have an emergency patient the nearest surgery for delivery a baby, so can you wait for me among any restaurant, and just dine like your intend without worry. I will pay all dues in there.”
Jake: “how long it can become to your late”.
Scarlett: “probably it’s almost at one hour”.
Jake: “do your job carefully taking the time enough”.
Scarlett: “thank you, bye”.  jake takes a seat inside normal restaurant that’s the nearest hospital.
Jake: “hallow waiter, excuse me sir, can you give me a glass of water without mineral”.
Waiter: “anything else sir”, after serving water.
Jake: “no, thanks for your fresh water, I’m waiting here for my fiancée. I will order for diner according to her choice after coming back here.”
Waiter: “all right, sir.”

Two hours later jake dials Scarlett again around when Scarlett was preparing own to coming at jake after completing the surgery.
Jake: “hallow Scarlett”
Scarlett: “yes please Mr jake”.
Jake: “hay Scarlett, I need to do some clear with you. I’m telling to you strictly, you know that, so listen to me please. I’m going to using you and you’re going to using me this means business, huh right. People always are rushing just  for money. We’re also on same way now. You came here from hometown just for money too, because your salary is higher than me, it’s absolutely truth. So you work for me and I work for you this is business. I will do for you a difficult job about our changing, but you have to assure the proposal about security that I want to throw my virginity by using you. I like to do it continue until you got the pregnant. It’ll make a good relation between us long less. It’s the highest security to me; because I can’t trust you for two reasons.”
Scarlett: “What’s that?”
Jake: “the Number is you like to take alcohol and cigarette knowing enough about injury. That already went against a medical doctor. You don’t trust science at all after being a good doctor. How can I trust you now huh? Expend some time for me at first to getting some perfume from me.”
Scarlett disconnects the line after reaching to jake.
Scarlett: “sorry to be late, l know that you’re so angry on me in this moment. I was not choice in there.”
Jake: “I’m great now; it’s Disgusting to waiting for someone. Therefore, you have to wait for me here. To feeling same disgusting, because the washroom is going to become so necessary for me right now;”
Scarlett: “it’s okay”.
Jake went away to washroom.
Scarlett: “excuse me waiter. Please give me the bill.”
Waiter: “your fiancé just drink much glass normal water without mineral. He promised with me. He will dine here like your choice today.”
Scarlett: “how you know that you he’s my fiancé.”
Waiter: “he told me, sorry to anything wrong.”

Scarlett: “why you spent important times within wash room like a lazy girl”.
Jake: “some people told me that I’m looks like lady boy somewhat”.
Scarlett: “I don’t think so; actually, you’re so lazy about good steps. Therefore, you’re losing all the time of the beautiful time.”
Scarlett: “let’s go to getting in the car for good journey.”
Scarlett is driving the car through medium speed mostly time.
Scarlett: “it was the cutest baby a long time later. I got it in first. The baby still is on my vision. I will go back near the baby after completing discussing with you.”
Scarlett: “do you like any child?”.
Jake: “yeah, my best choice already belonged with it”.
Scarlett: “you like daughter or son?”
Jake: “it’s daughter than son”.
Scarlett: “why you don’t like son?”
Jake: “the male always feel own capability extra. And the daughter is cool than son to me.”
Scarlett: “same to me. Today baby always was daughter, you know, the baby’s mum situation was not so well. Cause she’s so young. The age is only sixteen years. The girl already got to divorce a few days ago; she came here alone with her driver into our hospital. She signs the paper keeping a request to me. If she’s dead here then I also must have to kill her baby, but I can’t do it now, it’s the cutest baby that got the life by me. The babies create from a drop blood just only in beginning. This baby will grow up looking at around culture and environment. I think no one is good person in the earth like a little baby after born. So I took a decision in there, if mum is dead then I will rear the baby. I’m a very good happy today, i was able to make gratifying between one baby and mum.”
Jake: “Sometimes I think my own; probably I’m just looks like an unnecessary rock in the world. So I try to play with people by bearing an unknown matter, what people like to do but don’t like to say near anyone. It’s so hard to knowing about people not living with them inside. Now I’m gonna tell you what truth is exactly. This is not good; certainly, the baby’s father is bastardly. Your baby will be good because you are good person if you take semen from me.”

Scarlett takes parking through dark. And tell to jake for standing. Jake does it, him head strikes with roof.
Scarlett: “I can’t utter sorry. It’s not anything of hurt. The roof is softly insider. Keep your all electrical machine in front of me now.” Jake does it according to her choice.
Scarlett: “ it’s fine, now you have to keep up your hands and head until getting my sign.”
Everywhere, Scarlett searches the body of jake even around the penis.
Scarlett: “good boy with clean. Now you can do the question about anything.”
Jake: “thank you. You want me to slay a man going to your home town, but why! please?”
Scarlett: “it’s uncountable to me in this moment, sorry.”
Jake: “miss, I don’t know how to complete the job, because I don’t know a little bit about enemy. The possible is so lowest to me about success of your job.”
Scarlett: “well, this is a capital of the country. The capital is known as safely city to people, but every day happening to many worst incidents. And something is unknown in there. You’re getting an enemy who is gangster of capital. His mostly business is illegal as like Trafficking in Women, porn video, and smuggling. He’s one of young richest men in the city. His name is Leo Thomas. Leo is popular to someone as a good doctor. Leo don’t like doctor professional because here money is low. it’s so easy to find Leo, but You’re absolutely alone over there.”
Jake: “where is your home town?”
Scarlett: “you need more than 12 hours to reaching there; it’s not driving, but flying.”
Jake: “it’s a long journey for me lonely, yet I think is fine.”
scarlett: “good boy.”

Jake: “don’t mind please, could I ask of it is why you want me to slay Leo.”
Scarlett: “he destroys the whole of my life for this world, which I have been made to giving up my home town.”
Jake: “please come back.”
Scarlett: “Leo was my ex-boyfriend. He got me by Facebook website, Leo was brilliant between medical and gossip. He has posted something about medical all the time. And one day he posts a porn video clip on online of me.”
Jake: “why he did this stupid work with you.”
Scarlett: “this is his business.”
Jake: “how got such chance to make the video.”
Scarlett: “He and I were studying in same medical university. We have been gone away as best friend in there. Leo always requests me to share sexual intercourse just for a time, But I accepted not that ever. Still he used to co-operate me of medical all the time. I did the best result into my finally medical examination according to Leo advice. Leo invites me of his birthday celebration at his home. After this I went to his home. The house was good decorating with color flower; none was here but Leo and me. I agree with Leo to sexual intercourse easily after drinking alcohol. Leo keeps secretly a few cameras without knowing me in there he calls me at next day afternoon. Leo wants me to meet with him into same home. I ignore his proposal at all, because it’s my first intercourse with a boy so I got a large hurt. A few days later Leo offers me again, I ignore this time too. Then I was busy with uncle about medical practice. A few day later Leo warns me about sex tape. I went away to meet Leo into same home by carrying a weapon. He offers me to do more video tape with another people, and he pay for it as my wanted there. by the time we fight with each other. Leo won against me. After that he rapes me, those also do recording by video. Leo posts those online by turns. Finally, I change my name and face by plastic surgery.”
Jake: “when you want me to give up for your capital.”
Scarlett: “after preparing all papers of you.”..

Couple is just for a night

They’re crossing the Most luxury One of multi-story hotel in the city. It’s showing excellent spotlight around hotel several way. Jake’s gazing at lights amazingly smiles. Scarlett drives slowly the car after realizing of it.
Scarlett: “do you have been among the six star hotels ever?”
Jake: “no, but I have worked in the five star hotel upon several department?”
Scarlett turns to hotel the car after checking her credit card in the bag
Jake: “where are we going for?”
Scarlett: “let me show something exceptional. Please don’t question anymore until I begin. Just follow me at all.”
Scarlett goes to hotel reception after parking his car in order she rents a room on most acme of hotel.
Scarlett: “yeah, we are in order. So you’re going to rest in six star hotels. I just took for a day, if you want more. then I will increase for you.”
Jake: “not need more, it’s enough for happy as alone.” Jakes does a long jumping on the bed.
Scarlett: “you’re not alone here tonight because I’m near you with all night.” jake looks at Scarlett with scare somewhat.
Jake: “hay comes close to window for watching the universe.” They went to window
Jake: “see around how big the universe; this is absolutely impossible for take open counting up.”
Scarlett: “yeah, this is really excellent moment.”

The sky was without cloud and fog at all.
Jake: “when I was a kid then Mostly twilight I could enjoy well in my village because the village was except electric line. That’s unable for feeling here. After that I was gazing at stars from beginning, and I used to count them until I was unable to counting of them. Sometimes mosquito took my blood until them filled up. Mama also beats me for this habituate sometimes.”
Scarlett: “why are you waiting to do is what you told to me on the phone.”
Jake: “sorry”.
Scarlett: “do you want to use me now for your best entertainment?”
Jake: “I’m not feeling anything of it”.
Scarlett: “it’s not talking like an honest male. Do you know?”
Jake: “but this entertainment could kill me going on wherever I will be.”
Scarlett: “why you talked to me obscenely on the phone at evening beginning?”
Jake: “I just tried to begin the night with jesting, sorry for it. Don’t mind please.”
Scarlett: “your jesting is not good. Your best friend can go to enemy forever for such serious jesting.”
jake: “I got not a best friend ever”.
Scarlett: “you should do some good thing to getting back that”.
Jake: “I don’t have a good idea for it”.
Scarlett: “people can live lone anywhere, who are wise because the earth still is available many better people.”
Jake: “I want you go to the real point what need about hometown more information.”
Scarlett: “thanks for remember, but I like to treat keeping you in cool as doctor at first. Let me check you.”
Jake: “I don’t want to hurt you like ex-boyfriend”.
Scarlett: “some hurt makes up happy human you know”.

After sexual intercourse

scarlett: “what the hell are you. Pleasure could not give a girl for a few minute.”
jake: “sorry”.
Scarlett: “this is you problem into sex. You should take treatment of it.”
Jake: “can you help me please.”
Scarlett: “you are necessary vaccine for all right.”
Jake: “it’s good, vaccine works fast.”
Scarlett: “let’s go to hospital now”.

At first Scarlett goes away to visiting her patient who has been surgery a few hours ago.
Scarlett’s office room has many quote and picture of medical. Jake was reading all of them. Scarlett comes back to jake after checking properly her patient.
Jake: “how about your patient now?”
Scarlett: “they are both is already safe. The child threw the water for a few times and took milk from her mum too. Now she’s weeping well. Her mum can feel everything.” Scarlet is speaking smilingly not to showing teeth.
Jake: “the smile is great when female does it not to showing her teeth”.

Scarlett: “take a seat”.
Jake: “I’m ok here on standing”.
Scarlett: “ you also can sit on my own chair if you want”.

Jake: “not need, I’m siting here”.
Scarlett: “don’t hit me please going to hurt you”.
They go back at hotel after completing hospital working and buying some condom from department store…

after getting up morning in hotel

Jake: “do you love me?” Jake looks at Scarlett’s eye.
Scarlett: “are you thinking that I spent one night not falling in love with you at all.”
Jake: “sorry, why we cannot leave all past pains from now.”
Scarlett: “well, do you are trying to mean me recede from steps.”
Jake: “yeah, because we are both can get trouble for this revengeful.”
Scarlett: “shut up! My heartbeat strikes only me without you, and I also thought former that such notion can come from you. Therefore, I did something not to informing you exactly.”
Jake: “what”
Scarlett: “I gave you some miracle virus combining with vaccine. No doctor can prescribe for your sickness of a new cancer except me in the world what you will suffer from this virus ten or twelve month later if I not prescribe for you in seven month. You never will be good man with girls because you’re a betrayer like my ex-boyfriend.”
Since Jake is devastated.
Scarlett: “I’m giving you one more chance to intercourse using plastic condom without any kiss. And we will have a relation just of business; it’s not anything about love.”

Loved you honestly before:
In the air port

Scarlett: “it’s not good to me missing you for a few month”. Jake was not talking with Scarlett.
Scarlett: “Sorry, but I can’t kiss you in this moment. My home town is winter season now. So I put all of necessary things in your bag. I expect you remember of vaccine all the time. And one more things is I was not any sister ever, that picture is mine which stuck on my bed room wall. I’m with plastic surgery and colorful fake hair”. jake looks at Scarlett.
They’re standing the nearest immigration crossing after boarding passing.
Scarlett: “just 30 minute remain for flying. Immigration police will close for this section so soon. Therefore, I cannot be with you anymore. I wish you a safe flight and the beautiful world’s waiting for you.”
Jake: “I think so. How long you need to go to your car.”
Scarlett. “Maybe 15 minute over because it’s long car parking.”
Jake: “thank you so much to give me this job. I must complete it. And I’m a singer, do you know.”
Scarlett: “wow! really. Why you didn’t do it to me ever. I’m really angry here.”
Jake: “just you know from today, the voice is not so good. That’s why always sings for my own. This is first time I’m going to give a song singing which is by me. It’s in this pen drive. Bye please do not smoking anymore, alcohol too.”
Jake goes away for flying crossing immigration department and Scarlett goes away to car parking. Scarlett forgets of car parking, so it took 30 minute over to find her car. Scarlett plays pen drive at first after getting on her car. Scarlett drives the car and listens to Jake’s music.

I’m gonna flying with cloud in order
But Cloud is going without aspect,
Someone life also is just looks like them
Probably it can be lastly sing by me.
Being back is impossible much ways.
Don’t beseech to you ever for expecting anything.

Just got to give up for you a song with noisy chorus,
But I sing it with the long breathe and heartbeat seriously.
Wonder moments come back to me before awaking
and in time after awaking up.

Falling in love with newly comer stars until hearing they got married.
Repents was to me after listening to the real news.
The love has felt with whoever expresses a few pretty stories.
Couldn’t presume to say real the fact because of doubt.
Destroyed all of such fairy-tale with upset not to knowing anyone.

Was not supposed to meet our ever,
Still it has done.
Having gone too far without destination,
nobody left a chance for me about dating.
If they did then it used to be beautiful to involve own for feeling of the reality love for a while.

I’m watching you like phantasm everywhere.
It’s stupid, all things is the hope so long of anyone.
Well to wet the arm by tears for terminating all dreams.
Don’t keep repenting of all this matter anymore.
I’m gonna recede from every fuzzy dreams tonight.
I’m gonna hold the vow strictly until I die.
Flying is for unknown address according to you
To Falling in crush at unexampled region.
The dream is good thing just for living better way
when it becomes to reality then it can be trouble…

Aeroplane inside Perry and jake

Perry is air hostess of this aircraft today. Jake did not know it before. The aircraft already is on the sky. Jake couldn’t see Perry for a time too. He’s just keeping through sulky and all vision far away at same aspect by air window. Perry saw jake around while he’s getting on air door. Perry could realize that he’s differently today than another day. The seat is empty beside jake. The pack of food is staying on tiny table for the long time.
Perry goes to jake after becoming free somewhat.
Perry: “hi.”
Jake: “hi” with so weak.
Jake always bothered Perry around when they have been seeing. Today Perry is trying to bother jake to making him better.
Perry: “how are you?”
Jake: “fine”. Jake speaks soundless.
Perry: “you should have taken supper not to waiting anymore; it goes away to spoiling too fast. Wait, I’m going to come with my meal here for sharing together.”
Perry took the seat beside jake with her mean.
Perry: “are you feeling disgusting taking supper together?”
Jake: “no, it’s great time for me. That can be unforgettable you know?”

After finish them eating.

Perry: “well, what’s wrong with you today?”
Jake: “nothing.”
Perry: “so why your eyes are nearest tears. Everybody is happy on board without you?”
Jake: “I’m not there.”
Perry: “good, but not very good, are you going to hometown now?”
Jake: “no, it’s for a new job in a new country where I’m gonna be first time.”
Perry: “why you don’t care to speak with me anymore? do you try to abhor me?”
Jake: “it’s not, I love you enough yet, but the problem is I’m going to get newly everything.”
Perry: “when you are back again?”
Jake: “maybe soon, maybe never can do it, if I try too hard.”
Perry: “you should not have quitted my country? My country is not bad for foreigner considering others one.”
Jake: “no choice for me because people don’t like to belong with me in there.”
Perry: “can you tell me of someone, who don’t like you in my country?” she speaks within soundlessly lough.
Jake: “you are pretty here than all of them air hostess and guest you know. The smile is great when female does it not to showing her teeth you know. If you do it then the pretty increase more about you, please does it. And Perry means traveller, I think you too”. She does it according to jake.
Perry: “well, I finally got to decide something? I will stay in this city for one day. It’s in a better hotel. If you don’t mind then we can share like couple for a day. None can bother us here.”
Jake: “thank you, but it leaks out to your boyfriend. Then the trouble can belong with you hardly you know.”
Perry: “don’t have to worry; now I’m isolation in this earth. It’s very hard to know about male heart. I could not realize of him after living in together for the long time.”
Jake: “I’m so sorry for it; I’m not in good mood now, so worry about new job.”
They keep awake all night. All passengers get down after aircraft descend on airport.
Jake: “probably we’re not gonna to be together like this ever, so we’re here for the last time exactly. It’s also a good clue for you. I loved you honestly former, now I do it forever, but I don’t have a chance to showing about real love?”
Perry: “we have become so late for meeting in this world. I know what’s good to make happy around people, but I never take a correct decision for my own.”
Jake: “it’s ok; still have a long period to you. Flying always is carefully; don’t be so freedom with people not knowing enough. It could fetch long less terrible hurt for you.”
Perry hugs jake throwing tears and says, “Thanks for good story”
Perry: “perhaps you can get someone here as your life partner, if you wish with heedfully? Because I know how good person are you.”
Jake: “I think you have to begin the job usually; maybe your co-worker are getting angry because of me.”
Perry: yea, bye.
Jake: bye…

Scarlett hometown

Jake finds out Leo so easily after reaching at Scarlett’s home town, but it’s the most top job about murder. A few weeks later suddenly Scarlett has to move at home town because of property problem. If she doesn’t it then she can lose a big amount. Scarlett didn’t want to move at all, but her uncle puts a lot of excuses. Don’t have the contact between jake and Scarlett. Scarlett takes a newspaper of his own county after ascending on the air. There was a head line widely is TWO MURDER AND A FEW WOUND SEVERLY BY A FOREIN TERRORIST ATTACK. Details were approximate to 2AM Saturday night. Two local people have been murder and a few wound severely by a foreigner shooter. A heavily bloodshed gun fight have been in the luxury knight club, that’s on river bank, Just have admitted members into this luxury club all the time. The club security guard says “one young foreigner keeps the request to security department for meeting with Leo boss. The sound of gun comes to our almost half hour later”. Dead two are the closest partner and friend of Leo. This club owner Mr. Leo says “yesterday I have been met with this gun man for first time. I don’t know why he did like this suddenly. I can’t trust that he will do like this massacre. The gun man was performing some of the greatest joking before shooting here. My all friend was enjoying with him. He did first shoot on me, but I’m lucky here, it hit me at left hand”. The club owner Mr. Leo says more to media that “they don’t have any picture about the gun man, because them cctv is out of service for a few days”. The newspaper has been written that this man is the most wanted near police into this city.

Leo keeps in secret the most important spot, and he sends the gun man’s pictures near own spy to finding him.
One day jake dials Scarlett on Skype website
Jake: “hi how are you.”
Scarlett. “I’m fine, but now not fine after getting your call, you know why. you have promising strictly that you don’t try to contact with me simply when you will stay in my country. If you do ever the agreement will be cancel there, you know. Never mind, you try to recall me after going off from this country.”
Jake: “I don’t know how I presume to tell you that can you do me one more favour please because your lover always love you than me.”
Scarlett: “you’re trying to fall in love with me without completing the vow.”
Jake: “no, you’re wrong now. I never hope to listen to you about the word of love. Therefore, I didn’t say ever, I’m falling in love with you, because I know you giving an answer in there it’s impossible.”
Scarlett: “don’t do like rubbish, what the hell you want me to realize giving bullshit lyrics in the airport.”
Jake: “oh, it’s hatred to me too much after writing that’s why I gave you.”
Scarlett: “I see, well, could you be details about prime point?”
Jake: “of course, oh I already lost something, so I need you to do about economic co-operation please.”
Scarlett: “oh shit, come to hotel. I need to talk with you more clearly now.”
Jake: “please purchase air ticket for me as soon as possible”. Jake said it too pleasure.
Scarlett: “nonsense I’m in this capital now, I’m leaving a message for you now.”

Leo’s spy used to follow jake all the time. The spy collects everything as like the girl name from hotel reception after meeting between jake and Scarlett. As a result Leo could realize the fact. And Leo dials to Scarlett in the hotel room. She’s staying alone here. Her uncle is staying at his own home.
Leo: “good evening doctor Scarlett.”
Scarlett: “good evening.”
Leo: “How are you friend?”
Scarlett: “yeah fine. May I know of you please?” Scarlett didn’t realize of Leo.
Leo: “you will not become to change ever.”
Scarlett: “sorry”.
Leo: “you were a choice not to taking best boyfriend in bed room, You do it nowadays too, It’s not bad sign to me.”
Scarlett: “who are you? If you not come about real point then I will disconnect right now.”
Leo: “don’t have to do that anymore, it’s ex-boyfriend Leo of you.”
Scarlet: “what you want me to do more”. Scarlet’s voices move to Small with scary.
Leo: “I’m missing you for the long time, so I need to meet with you; I hope you also do same because I captured one man of you who attacked into my club. If police know the fact then you can get horrible trouble. That’s unlike to me because I’m still falling in love with you, do you know about that. You will get an admitted card in time about club entrance, so I will wait for you with so eagerness from opening to closing in the club tomorrow where your agent have come to sleeping me forever. Good night darling. Wait, wait, wait, Sorry one more things, I think your agent know about me enough, but I don’t know about this friend a little bit yet. So I want you come here with his particular. I will have saying near all stuff to service the best for you. And I hope your agent is taken by me tonight. Good night. See you tomorrow.”
Scarlett gets an admitted card of club from hotel stuff almost one hour later.
Scarlett informs the matter near jake immediately…

Last part

Jake entered into the night club by swimming river early morning. He’s staying inside and adapt own like a guest when the club is noisy by guest after evening. Scarlett enters in the club.
Leo: “hi Scarlett, you are the most welcome to my club.”
Scarlett was deeply afraid.

Leo touched her cheek and tells “smile.”
Leo: “you have been pretty more than previous because of plastic surgery. Leo means Lion and Scarlett means shining red color. Your behaviour was like a cat, but you sent a tiger to struggle against Lion. let me kiss exaggerating your lips,” Leo hug Scarlett too hard and says “sorry don’t have any interested with you for kiss or intercourse anymore”. “Now tell me where is this tiger, how can I meet with it easily” Scarlett just keeps mum at all.
Leo: “don’t want to talk any word, it means you still angry on me so you like to fight with me”. Leo takes away Scarlett on the stage and begins to hit strongly, also tears the shirt of Scarlett. Jake puts fire into electric service room, still Leo goes on hitting Scarlett more hardly after electric off. Just have the shine from fire now with extensive smoking. Jake begins to fire by weapon. All friend of Leo try to flee from there by scaring of fire, but no way to go because the entrance covered by fire. Many criminal have been dead except who those jump on river with risk. Leo shoots at Jake. Jake is wound there. And Scarlett takes a gun from dead people; she shoots Leo until termination weapon bullets with screeching. Leo is dead immediately in there.
Jake falls down after completing fight. Scarlett rushes at jake.
Scarlett: “are you ok.”
Jake: “yeah. You OK. Jake’s speaking with lowest sound, could not take the air clearly. Scarlett looks around for get helping of anything and jake is unable for standing anymore.
Jake: “stop it. Listen to me please. I want you go away to protect just your own please leaving me alone here.”
Scarlett: “can’t. Let me take you at hospital.”
Jake: “it’s impossible, possible is you’re dead with me.”
Scarlett jumps in the river taking jake before blasting the club exclusively, Scarlett brings jake at bank safely with so risk, Because she don’t know how to swim enough And Scarlett gives some air by kissing as far as she can do. She gives all treatment jake in ambulance what was possible in it. Jake signs Scarlett for conversation.
Jake: “can I talk with you please, please.”
Scarlett: “yeah, whatever you want to tell me.”
Jake: “don’t worry of me. I was able to make gratifying one. I’m going to be happy after rest.”

Scarlett moves to tears.
Scarlett: “you’re not going for there, because I’m a good doctor what you said me all the time. I promised you come back. And I’m really feeling the truth love with you forever. It’s not like conspire anymore. I promise plainly. I’ll give you a few children according to your choice.”
Jake: “thanks I heard those for first time. You are most beautiful and honest too. Therefore, i loved you honestly since first gather, you know?”
Scarlett: “yeah, I’m really sorry couldn’t feel it before. Please forgive me.”
Jake: “today I’m one on of happy people despite No chance in world of get enough what I want.”
Scarlett: “no, no. we are already hospital now.”
Scarlett tells everybody loudly is “I’m a doctor I know how to do surgery well.”
Jake is dead into surgery room keeping the vision on Scarlett whilst Scarlett starts surgery. Scarlett closed Jake’s eyes with too tears by her right hand……
Written by Azmal on April 6, 2013

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