Islamic Terrorism

This is a silly concept to consider Muslims not to realize of the Holy Quran.
The world’s most notorious the word is “Islamic-terrorist” nowadays; this word helps to attract massively any of the headlines. And the violence is the best manner to make a good business. Many superpower nations have the first of all option is to produce new weapon. Trading with weapons has become the most lucrative business and job in this world, for all time. The world’s leaders have huge attention for growing to the wonder of technology arsenal than cultivating food. The world’s not any war then who would buy this weapon from superpower countries. Many violence have been created from small reason, and the disaster affected for innocent of people barely, sometime they face to brutal environment. If the turmoil is not in a state then it will be development state someday, and they also must try to make their own weapons technology. 

Several of states are terrible unrest recently; they are raising each other the combustion by taking weapons from superpower countries. They are suffering about the lunatic to get something newly. Monopoly, The world’s major powerful leaders are helping insurgents, the presumption is for a better trade after terminating the war.

I was not told that Saddam Hussein was a good person, but Saddam Hussein’s regime have already been vanished more than 11 years in Iraq. Can we take to open an account about the situation of Iraq before Saddam or gone? Easily, a sensible person can realize the true fact, but a fool would be unable to realize it. The World’s leaders feel the boring to watching live broadcasting of any game, therefore, they incense greedy-person for embed the unrest  so that they can enjoy watching from live broadcasts bloody war. Did we ever think about domestic terrorism which is among Muslim country recently? It is origin from impostor politician. Them the intention is just for dominant, but it’s not for peace at all.

Many terrorist groups are using the religion level to expand their networks. The world’s first growing up religion is Islam today, the book of Quran is mainly demonstration guide for Muslims. Now the question is how we will know an authentic Muslim. Do we think that one of the people pray five times each day with a long beard and turban? This is enough to be a radical Muslim. If someone agrees with me then they are traitor on Islam.
Who are establishing the Islam(peace) and doing righteous according to the holy Quran perfectly; they’re radical Muslim. Who are not working according to the holy Quran, but they say that they have rightly sane about Islam rules and regulations; they are impostor Muslim of Islam religion.
I do not know any state in the world is they are governing according to the holy Quran exactly, but some of state is following about the holy Quran now as South Arabia, Iran, and United State of Emirate.
Muslim’s going at afar from the holy Quran, but they’re going to the nearest Hadith [(Arabic: حَدِيْث, pronounced: "ha-DEETH") is the narration of an event from the life of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. In English, the word hadith is also used as the plural word for a group of these narrations although the plural in Arabic is a-HAA-deeth.]. Two types of hadith can be found by Muslims recently; something is corrected or uncorrected. Uncorrected hadiths are very good things to obtaining money or position for leadership with the long period. Therefore, fabricate hadiths are the best traditions on the grounds than the Quran to the devil-Muslim. These types of Satan-Muslims are praying showing people to claim own as Muslim, for keeping to desecrate Islam’s moralities. And the world’s powerful leaders are supporting monopoly such Satan-Muslims, Many media is broadcasting them as perfect Muslim.

A few thousand protesters stood on the way Shahbagh Square in Bangladesh. Here are some educated people from universities, but they have been deaf and blind. All of them claimed for judgment of recent murder anti-Islamic blogger Rajib Haider , and war-crimes in 1971. How many Muslims know about Rajib Haider and Quran in there; the people who are standing on the Shahbagh Square  in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Shahbagh Square

Shahbagh Square

How can we say that they are Muslim who those does explosion in the mosque for killing innocent Muslim and better imam?

Malaysia is the safest state in the world for all of religion, clan and tribal. I have posted an article on the February 23, 2012. Malaysia’s A Safest Country In The World For Everyone

Here is not less anything for all citizens about civil-right is what should get for citizen from the government. why it has been under attacking by terrorist in Sabah, Malaysia? This terrorist organization is also to claim that they are Muslim.

More on terrorism part in secret of the holy Quran through human.

 Written By Azmal

Posted on March 26, 2013 

2 thoughts on “Islamic Terrorism

  1. وللهي لا تتكلم اي شئ بنسبة المكسيكيين في هذا المقال! على كل الحال لحظت ان كتابتك بالانجليزي جيد بس مو مضبوط. بذلك النظر ما اعرف كيف اكتب العربي مضبوطا. ربما من الممكن ان نتبادل ممارسة اللغات و الافكار بشاء الشرق الاوسط. ايمالي باتالي

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