Love And Sex

Top stories: Brothel kuala lumpur; not wanted to kill; A general foreigner worker’s hostel in Penang; Alex is manager in this discotheque; Ava apartment; Bangladeshi hostel murder; beach in pulau penang, Malaysia; Canadian restaurant hostel Kuala Lumpur; HEAVEN Meeting police; HEAVEN speak with mama on the phone; HEAVEN with taxi driver; Helping from Ava; In The Discotheque; Saddam conversation with HEAVEN; Saddam speak on phone with his daughter; sex and The Bus station in pulau Penang, Malaysia.

Falling in love by considering beautiful face and falling in sex are same things. Sexual intercourse is the most entertainment to humankind for all the time, but sometimes it fetches extremely upset for someone. Sex is the most dangerous disease for someone in the world because it comes in the vein while they are not suffering about any disease. Cigarette slays humankind slowly, and HIV slays humankind with scandalous. Most of the divorces are into development countries just for sex. Some people are heavy responsibility about exact planning, but they’re unable to keeping far own from illegal sex. Pleasure is available in fornication for a short of while. and The hurt is available long less into it for someone.



Canadian restaurant hostel Kuala Lumpur

Bangladeshi Jaman: hay Heaven? What the hell kind of imagine you are doing here sitting alone on stairs. People can complain against you to apartment management office, you’re bothering on 20th floor neighbour upon.
(jaman came to Heaven carrying a few can beers).
Heaven: I don’t think so. Because I’m staying here like a dumb;
Bangladeshi Jaman: it’s not dumb; it’s like pale just kidding. Don’t mind please. Merry Christmas.
Heaven: Merry Christmas too.
Bangladeshi Jaman: take the beer.
Heaven: no, I don’t, thank you.
Bangladeshi Jaman: takes it you don’t have to pay for today.
Heaven: I don’t like to drink alcohol because alcohol carries a lot of disease for health. It says science.
Bangladeshi Jaman: throws it far away. Cigarette is more dangerous for health; I knew it from cigarette pack, but a lot of people always likes to smoking for pretty sense, me too.
Heaven: yeah, it’s truth.
Bangladeshi Jaman: so drink it. I heard from Christian. Christmas is the best night for drinking beer. And you can go heaven if you die today with drunk.
Heaven: yeah. ( Heaven has been drunk  after taking a few cans beer there)
Bangladeshi Jaman: can I ask you one question please.
Heaven: anything you want.
Bangladeshi Jaman: how you celebrated Christmas in the Burma?
Heaven: it’s a very good question but I don’t have idea rightly of the answer because I’m not a Christian.
Bangladeshi Jaman: we’re so busy here. Don’t have time about sect.
Bangladeshi Jaman: do you know; heaven?
Heaven: what about that please?
Bangladeshi Jaman: I got a girl in The Bangladesh when I was on high school student. She and me was same standard in the school. She was pretty and brilliant of studying. We were a finest relation for a few years. ( Bangladeshi Jaman stop speaking and takes the long breath)
Heaven: hay, go on please. It’s interesting to me.
Bangladeshi Jaman: she got so good result than me in us high school final examination. And she gets admission in Dhaka University. That stays in capital of the Bangladesh, but I didn’t get admission in there; my result point was so low to that.
(jaman breathe to repent)
Heaven: after this;
Bangladesh jaman: I get admission in my village college. And she disconnect with me all by turns. ( jaman speaks with small voice). I’m feeling so upset in there when I remember of those days. I got some rude friend who did familiar me with drug, which are cigarette, charas/ganja, phensidyl and heroin. I’m absolutely a drug addict then. I was not being backed home for a few days. All member of my family was worrying of me. My father hospitalizes me after finding. I am back at home from hospital after being better, but some people begin to call me as mental patient. It used to make me more upset than losing the girlfriend. So my parent decides to send me in abroad. ( jaman slide smile looks at Heaven). I love my parents they are the greatest to me. See my body so powerful than you after taking cigarette and beer every day. You can check with punching. Friend listens to me please. If you want to work abroad then you have to involve with many different type of the stupidest peoples. You must have to prepare your own as a powerful. The world’s not for a weaker. I’m just only altercating lonely about me. You’re going to tell something about previous life that’s at home town?
HEAVEN: it’s a long shaker heart-beat history for me. I’m sorry I don’t want to remember it again.
Bangladeshi jaman: when people unbosom with a good friend. Then the heart broken leaves them alone in there.

Heaven: I’m born into a Muslim family in the Burma. My mother called me the name of HEAVEN. So that people can’t recognize me as Muslim. Muslim is known in Burma as Rohingya. And HEAVEN means paradise, you know. So she thought that people can fall in love easily with the name of HEAVEN. My mama has been to me the world’s best person. No one is treating with me like her. I’m felt about her everywhere. (Heaven finish the history with sorrowful).
Bangladeshi jaman: how about your father, friend.
( the stair was three side open, can see far away. HEAVEN stands and Sees around far away and keeps his vision at KLCC).
Heaven: he left us with so poor around When I was standard eight in the school.
Bangladeshi jaman: I’m sorry, why he does like this?
Heaven: because he wedded a young Christian girl falling in love. The girl used to work with my dad in the same office. They’re living in yangon, Burma now. I don’t know about him for a long time. He never loves my mama because my mum’s suffering variously diseases all the time.
Bangladeshi jaman: don’t mind please. You had a Bangladeshi passport that is to our agent Right.
Heaven: yeah I am.
Bangladeshi jaman: how you got the Bangladeshi passport.
Heaven : it’s also a long history.
Bangladeshi jaman: tell me please. If you think I’m good.
Heaven: looks at the firework around KLCC. It’s so nice. They’re burning money huh, but I’m earning money just only for buying meal. I’m sorry friend. It’s being so late for me bed. I must have to get up at early morning, tomorrow for throwing advertising fryer paper in mailbox of homes.

Brothel kuala lumpur

HEAVEN have a better relation with a person. His mane is jaman. He came from Bangladesh here just for job, but HEAVEN doesn’t trust him too much. One day early morning HEAVEN leaves hostel with jaman for banking. Jaman asks HEAVEN about brothel when they’re crossing it.

Jaman: do you ever have been in a brothel?
Heaven: i didn’t it yet.
Jaman: do you want me to comprehend here that you’re not a male. It’s not my opinion, but people are talking about it into hostel with each other.
Heaven: actually, they’re not right in there; everything I got of what should get to claim own  a male.
Jaman: really, but I’m not sure about proof.
Heaven: what I will get from it if I’m kidding with you.
Jaman: well, so why you don’t like to reduce of your semen. Do you know about it that men get a trouble physically when they carry out heavy semen in them body. Specially, they’re feeling heart broken and hyper tension sometimes as like you’re always at pale.

Heaven: sometimes it attracts me but it’s heard from people. The brothel is the most dirty spot here. And prostitutes never treat well with foreigner guests. All prostitutes do sexual intercourse in them way, even beating foreigner weaker guests. If they do not listen to her rightly;
Bangladeshi Jaman: yeah, it will happen for you too, if you don’t know about brothel rules and regulations.
As like you can’t do bargaining with them at all, also can’t put to present own like a weaker. The story will be so less with them. A five star hotel prostitutes do sexual intercourse just with a man in a day, but brothel prostitutes are abuse by many people in every day. Therefore, when they meet weaker people they get a chance to showing them real behaviour. It’s truth that everybody likes to show real behaviour to a weaker people.
Heaven: I real don’t know of it former Mr Jaman.
Bangladeshi Jaman: well, a girl is known to me in brothel, she’s not a very good girl in the world, but she’s a better girl than other girls barely among brothel.
Heaven: “it’s a very good jesting with empty stomach in the morning because still I’m absolutely at virginal; I never get a chance for going to bed with girl in reason of intercourse.” heaven do it with smile.
Bangladeshi Jaman: wait wait, so you’re going to leaving your virginity from today, Mr Heaven.
Heaven: I think it’ll not worse, but we should complete the work in bank at first.
Bangladeshi Jaman: the bank will begin them servicing from 10am. It’s at 8.55am right now. Where do we expend one hour. So we’re going to brothel at first, Huh! because we have to go to work at afternoon today too.
Heaven: so, up to you.


It is the oldest two storey house with dirty smelling in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. All of the rooms are small with single bed. The beds are made by spring system. Almost all rooms are available colorful light. And Most of foreigner worker and local old men come into brothel all the time.
HEAVEN: my friend, I’m so sorry, I’m gonna get out of here. And I’ll wait for you outside. You leave a call for me after complete your entertainment.
Bangladeshi jaman: what the problem.
HEAVEN: Looks at girls they’re not too pretty about attitude.
Jaman: “don’t worry friend, I have been told you that I know a girl here. She’s not better girl but she’s better than all of them.”

A prostitute was powerful than HEAVEN, she catches HEAVEN behind. Try to take into room. jaman releases him from naughty prostitute.
HEAVEN: “no more here. I am back from here. See, this girl tears my nice shirt.”
Jaman: they encouraged to catch you without me because your behaviour is like lady boy yet.
Jaman: “you can see the girl over there reading newspaper with the long hair and watermelon lips; she never kicks your dig at all. The price is a little bit high than other. You can entertainment with her like own way. So goes to her to make proof own as male.”

The price has written on door. Probably it’s a Chinese girl. The age is like 20. HEAVEN looks around for once.
Prostitute: hi.
HEAVEN: sorry to interrupt you. Could we be same way for a while please?
Prostitute: “yeah we can, but you have to read the door at first.” Her voice was so soft here than other all.
HEAVEN: “I already memorized it a short while ago.”
Prostitute: you are most welcome for this.
HEAVEN: thanks.
Prostitute: “do you just stand on door or come in” with smile.

HEAVEN enters in the room, prostitute closes the door. She takes off her all of clothe faster. And she stands in front of HEAVEN entirely naked. HEAVEN fades away watch this. He did not face to such unknown hurt ever, what is in vein.
Prostitute asks for payment at first around when HEAVEN is taking off own dress.
Prostitute: “you must have to pay before you taking off.”

Just that time rings into HEAVEN phone. The ringtone was about religion peace message.
Prostitute: excuse sir, please stop it. It’s not for here. We have some rules and regulations in here.
HEAVEN: “sorry for that. I’m gonna stop it.” HEAVEN receives the call by mistake.
HEAVEN: “Hallow, how you are you.” This is His sister is 13 years old.
HEAVEN’s sister: “fine and how you are.” His sister was speaking on phone like sick somewhat.
HEAVEN: “yeah I’m fine. You already took your breakfast.”
HEAVEN’s sister: “we don’t have anything like eating for a few days. And mama is sicker than before.”
HEAVEN: “ok, I got my salary yesterday knight. So you prepare own to shopping and meeting mama with a good doctor. I’m sending money by western union as soon as possible.”

HEAVEN takes the money bag from him behind pocket. He takes dollar from money bag to paying prostitute wanted. Prostitute enhance her right hand to carry dollars, but HEAVEN takes back his hand before prostitute touching dollars around when he have heard from sister about them situation. The face of Prostitute fades away now because of insist and stare at HEAVEN. HEAVEN keeps his vision down and tells to the girl.

HEAVEN: “I’m so sorry for my stupid behaviour at first. I don’t have any ability to do entertainment with a girl. the fact is I’m not a male at all. I have heard from people before coming here. The girl beats foreigner peoples when they are gone wrong. So you can do that with me to be yourself all right.
Prostitute: you’re bluffing to me. You’re a male I’m exactly right. Why you can’t?
HEAVEN: “I got not a wife even a girlfriend ever. Now my closest peoples are between famine and sick. So can I go off please.” he tells to girl matter with so pity.
Prostitute takes on her dress so fast with pale.
Prostitute: well, you can go back now.
HEAVEN: thank you, thank you too much; you’re really pretty person than me.
Prostitute: You should get out from here!. It’s really going to be late to me for next appointment……

HEAVEN speak with mama on the phone
HEAVEN speaks with mama on the phone walking on street.
Heaven: hay mamma. It’s your son. How are feeling now mama.
Heaven Mama: I’m so well. (She’s speaking with weakest voice)
Heaven: yeah, I’m feeling the real fact considering your voice is where are you now?
Heaven Mama: can you tell me the real about you please?
Heaven: I’m not in there what are you desiring for me the entire time mama.
Heaven Mama: I’m so sorry for it. So could you get deciding to be back in home please?
Heaven: why, are you intending for more hurt from me what I already gave you that were not enough for you?
Heaven Mama: that’s right.
Heaven: I never felt better just giving you only hurt and expect.
Heaven Mama: it’s seemed to me that you’re absolutely not well in there.
Heaven: yeah mama I’m. You’re right in there. Do you know I despise you recently?
Heaven Mama: I don’t care about it. The story not comes from your heart rightly.
Heaven: please mama doesn’t try to hit me anymore. I was hurting you from me born? Still you always love me too much than I love you. Why you did like this?
Heaven Mama: come back to me please. I feel you before and after sleeping every night. Because I’m missing you for the lone time.
Heaven: sorry I can’t. Cause I’m sending for you something from here. That’s most necessary for you now. But I know that’s not enough for you. It’s being late to me for beginning the work. Take care properly please Bye mama.
Heaven Mama: I will love you forever.
Heaven: I also will love you forever. Now my heartbeat is shaking because I’m going to ignore you all the time.

A general foreigner worker hostel in Penang
Saddam came from Bangladesh just for job in the Malaysia. Six person members have in his family in the Bangladesh. They’re wife two daughter, one son and older parents. The age is into them lubna(8) sathi(10) and joshim(5). Saddam is only earning by job within his family. saddam have two choice at all of ago. It’s sex and cigarette. Saddam’s earning high than all of his colleague here. But he has to borrow money from colleague in every end of month. He loves his family than life, Saddam always tell it to all friend. Saddam went to school for a short time. but his politics realizes all is he got a degree on political science from a university. saddam’s wife don’t talk with him for long time on phone. Because saddam don’t do a good treat with her?

Saddam speak on phone with his daughter.
Saddam’s daughter sathi(10) leave a miscall for saddam. And saddam calls back after getting this.
Sathi: hallow assalamualaikum (it is a best word for Islamic greeting)
Saddam: ualaikumsalam. Hallow sweet baby how you are.
Sathi: I’m fine. How are you? (Sathi speaks with father with so softly)
Saddam: do you have any message for me. Or just say hallow,
Sathi: papa, mama is so sick now, she needs a better treatment. Will you send money please?
Saddam: my sweet baby I don’t have money enough right now. I want you tell to your mama to drinking a lot of hot water.
Sathi: why papa, are you not doing any job. Are you ok?
Saddam: the job is good, and salary also is good more. But the problem is for a few rats. The rat is eating up my money.
Sathi: why papa. Malaysia’s market is not available any net. Ok papa. I tell grandfather to buy a heavy net for you from here. We send it to you in the Malaysia so first. Then you can keep all money in this net.
Saddam: that doesn’t have to need. I already kept money in heaviest net; still rat is eating my money. You don’t have any idea about Malaysian rat. I’m trying to find other way baby.
Sathi: alright papa. Just do your best. I pray to Allah to save your money from cruel rat.
Saddam: anything else.
Sathi: no,papa. Assalamualaikum.
Saddam: ualaikumsalam.
The Indonesians girls are called as indur name in the Malaysia. But rat means indur by Bangla language. So Bangladeshi ten year old girl couldn’t comprehend that his father is talking about an Indonesian female rat;

Saddam conversation HEAVEN.
Saddam: do you know, your name and mind is not same thing. If you want to stay here you must have to match yourself with ours. When prostitute will come in hostel you do intercourse with her or not. It’s your matter. But our matter is you have to pay for her.
HEAVEN: if I’m unable with you proposal. Then I must move from here.
Saddam: but you have to do it hurry up.

 beach in pulau penang of malaysia
Heaven sat on stair of beach at gurney drive in pulau Penang Island. Jaman dial him.
Bangladeshi jaman: hay, you already reached at home?
Heaven: no. I’m not at yet.
Bangladeshi jaman: so you’re through bus now. I’m hearing the sound of air.
Heaven: I’m on beach just in front gurney plaza.
Bangladeshi jaman: don’t plan to move from there. I’m coming to you right now.
Bangladesh jaman: happy new year.(after reaching to HEAVEN)
HEAVEN: happy new year.
Bangladeshi jaman: do you have any plan for going to at jail.
Heaven: you have some real good words to attack me, but I don’t care of it.
Bangladeshi jaman: you can’t take a seat in everywhere; you know that you’re bearing fake paper with you.
HEAVEN: well, why you are following me now?
Bangladeshi jaman: how long times it can stay just only in home and working huh.
HEAVEN: now you’re getting to stay between two places. But you must have to get just one after arresting by police.
Heaven: please take the seat and listen to me. We’re living in the island right. Just It’s river side, other all side is ocean. If I sit on beach, all hurt belong with me in there. And this side are river. Can you feel different anything.
Bangladeshi jaman: what’s that?
Heaven: looks at contrary over there. I can see thousands of blink there. the full of happiness in them. They’re toiling to coming at ours. But the river fresh air barricades them. Cause air’s known the fact.
Bangladeshi jaman: i beg your pardon please.
Heaven: the world’s people are destroying the real peace for getting more peace. Actually they don’t know how to involve with real peace.
Bangladeshi jaman: so I’m going to involve with a real peace. You sustain my bag until me coming back.
(jaman purchased a few bottle beers)
Heaven: I don’t want you give anything not to telling before.
Bangladeshi jaman: it’s without drink. This is most important thing for all animals in the world you know.
Bangladeshi jaman: people don’t trust me at all. I don’t have any friend here, I speak with people honest, but people never do it with me. my plan is to make great smile on people but they have choice to scold me psychologically. I can be arrested at any time; none have to release me from there. I’m missing my family. You don’t like Bangladeshi, but you’re keeping in secret. Because the trouble can come to you after leak out this;
Heaven: I like people who do a pretty treating with me. Not consider any country ever.
Bangladeshi jaman: I don’t know how to do pretty treating with people. We were in Kuala Lumpur at Last New Year. Maybe I will not be with you at next New Year. But still I don’t about your life a little bit. (it’s 12am firework is being around)

Heaven: it heard from people and newspaper. Many people of Burma are living in various countries bearing refugee card. It’s possible so much in the Malaysia. And I came in the Malaysia at first being Thailand with me a Buddha friend. He was best friend in one of all classmates in Burma. The time was not good for me. A few days later, after reaching Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian Immigration police arrests him for being illegal when he’s going to buying food from restaurant. It makes up me more isolation. The time is in pass thing (Ramadan) month for Muslims. I went to perform twilight prayer in the mosque. My mainly reason was for dining free food. (Mostly mosques serve free food at twilight in Arabic Ramadan month). I’m met one Bangladeshi Muslim people in there. he gives me a lot of advice of the Malaysia, and He does me caution about illegal immigrant. That gentle man told me is It’s hard to getting refugee card for Muslim here. He intends to help hardly. He sends me in the Bangladesh as a Bangladeshi citizen. Just a few days later I come back in Malaysia carrying Bangladeshi passport. He arranges everything for me; I don’t have to pay any dues for it at first.

Bangladeshi jaman: do you have sibling and girl friend or wife in Burma.
Heaven: I’m bachelor I never was girlfriend. But i have one brother and one young sister.
Bangladeshi jaman: well, they’re okay all now.
Heaven: I don’t know about them at all. All have been dead between last cast violence. My young sister has been dead because of a lot of people abusing her. None is for me in this world anymore? They’ll not be back ever.

In The Discotheque
The (disco) discotheque’s full of noisy to who came here not to knowing about it. Spotlight is being everywhere by turns. People’s dancing by being couple, most of people’s dancing not to following any lyrics they’re dancing new way. The heart of there is burning who’re single except dollar enough here. It’s so hard to comprehend about anyone Because of colourful light and sound. It’s seemed that they’re most happy people in the world.
A Thai girl’s sitting a little far from everything (Thai Girl means Thailand’s girl). She’s drinking beer slowly. It thinks that all unknown sorrow conquered her. Her vision is in a direction, and she’s quitting hurting slowly with every inhale a cigarette.
(HEAVEN is a name of man. Mama of HEAVEN was suffering a lot of trouble when she’s breeding him. That’s why she called him as HEAVEN so that people can fall in love with HEAVEN easily.)
Everything is enough on her table. Still HEAVEN goes to her and present him own as busy at first.
Heaven: hi, how you’re accepting your unwanted moments please.
Thai girl: hi, ( she took a long breath at first and told hi with a little bit smile. Thai girl can’t comprehend how to make answer).
Heaven: can I give you more fresh ice cube please.
Thai girl: no thanks, it’s still enough for me.
Heaven: don’t mind at all please. are you Chinese?
Thai girl: it’s not right. I’m Thai
Heaven: please pardon me not to understanding the word.
Thai girl: it’s ok I came from Thailand.
Heaven: I’m HEAVEN. (Stretch HEAVEN hand for shaking with her, she’s shaking with disgusting)
Thai girl: haze.
Heaven: it’s interesting in our name beginning with H huh. (Thai girl feel not like to gossip with HEAVEN at all)
Heaven: you’re so cool and pretty than other of all here.
Thai girl: some people tells to me it former sometime to escorting me far away and quitting me alone after filling them mind in there.
Heaven: you shouldn’t have belonged with such peoples.
Thai girl: I know of it. But I’m unable to struggle with them because they’re cleverer than me. could you give me one more tower of beer please?
Heaven: are you ok, miss?
Thai girl: I’m pretty good and cool yet.
Heaven: excuse me. Do you have to drive the car to reaching at your home?
Thai girl: thanks for care me. I’m living in a hotel it’s so near from your discotheque.
Heaven: it’s not my discotheque I work just here as a part timer waiter. Do you have here friend or husband?
Thai girl: husband was yesterday, but I got divorcee from today. (It’s with sulkiest).
Heaven: I’m so sorry for it. But why he did it?
Thai girl: probably I guilty in there. Because I still have an eager to standing for wedding.
Heaven: don’t trust them who those like to belong with you in a darkness mail box.
Thai girl: excuse me sir I wanted something from you maybe.
Heaven: miss can you look at mirror over there. So you can feel that you are a finest girl of the world. And your psyche takes film whisper to you again and again not drink anymore. It will happen a few minute later. Because your psyche knows that you fall on street in time be back hotel.
Thai girl: do you like to play with me now.
Heaven: what type of that?
Thai girl: I will drink more two the tower of beer, but you have to pay all dues. Ok handsome boy.
Heaven: I will never play to putting someone to dead.
Thai girl: you’re fearful boy, but fool too. Because you got a chance to feeling cool keeping your hand on me.
Heaven: It’s right here, but it’s more important to me not to hurting good people. Perhaps you still not reached to heartbroken like me in your life.
Thai girl: I have a dream to wedding for a time. And I’m still not a woman but the wed have been come to me for several time. It’s not long for a year with one.
Heaven: I also couldn’t complete in a company for one year. It was not wanted to me.
Thai girl: you’re not local people here. Am I right?
Heaven: yeah, I am you’re absolutely right.
Thai girl: where are you from?
Heaven: can you guess about me please?
Thai girl: sorry I can’t (with smile). Tell me where’re you from? I’m in interesting about you a little bit.
Heaven: I like to put it long less.
Thai girl: why you do it please?
Heaven: it’s without considered to me about race age and religion please.
Thai girl: it’s not good and not bad too.
Thai girl: how you presume to going on quote with me for more times, what would happen for you tonight? I wish I complain about you to manager here. (She looks at Heaven with smile).
Heaven: oh, probably you’ll be unable to terminate about your telling, because you‘re pretty good humankind than me.
Heaven: I’m apologizing for me all faults. And I’m going to come the beer for you.

Alex is manager in this discotheque.
Alex: why you spend a long time for a customer yet? How many times I got to telling you about it with warning too.
Heaven: but I was preparing them as incredibly happy. Mr Alex
Alex: but you were preparing me as incredibly unhappy to avoiding this discotheque policy.
(they’re speaking each other both keeping focus on customers)
Heaven: it’s not worse because your policy not so well here.
Alex: do you thought I already have been insane?
Heaven: I’m not interested to keeping you in there. But why you’re being to unbosom of the real word to me today?
Alex: so what’s means to me?
Heaven: it’s up to you. I could be details of it right now. Because don’t want to fetch this sentence for me for one more time. Have a mouth just speak well but don’t have a skill with it.
Alex: can you guess for a time? How many tables and customers are being to our in this moment?
Heaven: it’s impossible to me now. But I can do it after going back at home all customers.
Alex: please ask yourself for what you do every day.
Heaven: yeah I almost do. It tells me to follow you perfectly. You discuss with a female customer for a long times than a male customer. Sometimes you intoxicate lonely female by giving them free alcohol. And fetch them in your home. All you really want to do is have intercourse with a new girl before laying at knight. I know properly that your mind’s going to slap and kick me now?
(Alex looks at HEAVEN with so stare eyes)
Alex: well, all right, then I’m going to request boss to leaving the manager position for you.
Heaven: it’s not so bad at all, and I will be absolutely lucky boy since then. Thank you too much for right planning.
Alex: it’s enough. I have a call for boss tomorrow.

(Harry is a good colleague for Heaven than other all here)
Harry: you don’t have an ashamed for a while too. Every day you involve in trouble with pleasure.
Heaven: all was in me, but I’m stressing to float those in stream now a day.
Harry: why you like to do such abnormal pretending?
Heaven: it’s seemed to me sometimes is missing the world because of the shame. So I’m doing it not to considering the word of people. Do you know friend.
Those moments never come back.
This love not comes back for second time.
Harry: and probably you’re going to lose this job from tomorrow.
Heaven: don’t worry of it for me please. But I have a choice to enter in new colleagues all the time and it also fetch for me a new experience about life.
Harry: don’t be like a fool. Please attention to policy. A new customer came in our so you should greet him,

Heaven: good evening sir.
Male customer: good evening too. But it’s at 12.20 am now.
Heaven: are you feeling a altering after reaching here sir.
Male customer: yeah, it’s most disgusted about female singer chorus.
Heaven: same to me sir.
Male customer: so alter it.
Heaven: I wanted former, but I couldn’t.
Male customer: why you couldn’t
Heaven: her chorus is like disgusting to someone, but her all skins is most attracted by spotlight to everybody. Most of alone male guest like her sexy presence. Perhaps you can take a decision after being intoxicated today that’s you won’t go home without her.
Heave: can I offer your best brand beer sir?
Male customer: I must express to you after meeting my friend here. So let me wait for it.
Heaven: they’re girl or boy.
Male customer: what you expect honestly for me here?
Heaven: it’s girl.
Male customer: why you do it?
Heaven: perhaps I’m not right, but I believe everybody should have contrary sex person to feel long less love in them life.
Male customer: I promised to you, I don’t plan to have intercourse with your girlfriend. But she’s working with you here.
Heaven: sorry, still the girl came not for me ever.
Male customer: but I’m looking at is a lot of waitress than waiter here. They’re so friendly with each other. So you can escort a pretty girl from here as girlfriend.
Heaven: A lot of thank you for real wisdoms. But guest’s making up them expensive. That’s why I’m nothing to a pretty girl here, and I also try not to feel about love anything with them. But you’re something to them, its real fact.
Heaven: I’m going to carry a mug of fresh beer for you at first sir.
Male customer: I don’t mind anything if you pay for them.

Discotheque’s already near shut down. All customers go back except Thai girl. She’s sleeping keeping her head on table. 50% beer is remaining in the beer tower.
Alex: don’t plan to going to this girl anymore? I will reach her in order where she wants to go now.
Heaven: but I can’t, we’re familiarly with each other from a long time ago. She’s a good friend to me. Mr Alex, it’s known to me about behaviour properly. So I must have to care about her.
(Alex announces to all workers a new rule.)
Alex: I’m so sorry to all at first, because I have been forgotten telling to all waiter and waitress about an important matter. The female are strictly not allowed in male hostel and any male are strictly not allowed in the female hostel. Who those violate this; they must will be out of hostel.
Alex: I’m sorry Mr HEAVEN. I can’t keep opening the door in whole of night for you. Can you go out now and there are fresh air blowing. Every worker leaves the place. Thai girl is unable for sitting and standing. HEAVEN asked her for many times for informing about her hotel address and room key. She couldn’t do any answer clearly to HEAVEN in there. Street is quite empty and quiet now. HEAVEN touches her cheek by right hand to being ok. She vomits on HEAVEN body. They’re staying on Twist Street. Approximate to 30 minute late a car is coming at them. The car halts suddenly looking at them. Two Malaysian young people are in the car. They already near intoxicated. One person gets down to HEAVEN. “What the hell you’re doing with girl here” the Malaysian asks HEAVEN. “I’m working in a Discotheque. She’s my guest, is vomiting now” Heaven answer to Malaysian. Malaysian man looks at Thai girl with obscene and ask HEAVEN “Why she’s do like this huh”. “Actually she took a lot of alcohol so it’s happen” HEAVEN answers with carefully.
Malaysian boy: So how can I help you here?
Heaven: I think i don’t have to take your cooperation.
Malaysian boy: I don’t want to help you, but I want to do cooperation the girl. So you can go home now without her.
Heaven: how about my guest? (HEAVEN looks at around to find something to protect Thai girl from hoodlum. He can see a few large empty wines bottle a little far from them.)
Malaysian boy: we carry her to hospital in the morning. Now hospital is close you know that?
Heaven: she’s still so well. Probably it’s not so necessary for her. I’m assured that she must be all right after a few hours sleeping. So you can go away now please.
(Malaysian boy slap and punch HEAVEN in two sides for a few times)
Malaysian boy: you sure I’m not sure about hospital. I want you to going back home now. Don’t worry about your guest. I want to put my semen on her. My semen has a good perfume. I hope It must be ok her.
Heaven: it’s ok. I’m leaving the girl now. You just do whatever you want. (HEAVEN hit on head of hoodlum from back secretly by wine bottle, when he’s carrying the girl. Second hitting does on his lips. A few teeth fall down on street in there. The hoodlum falls down street. Another one gets down from car with so angry. HEAVEN cast a wine glass of bottle on his face strictly. HEAVEN hits hoodlums enough. HEAVEN escorts the girl another street a little far. HEAVEN plan to go in a former hostel. He takes hand phone to call for a taxi. But they fall in front police car. Two police man are in the car, they’re one Malaysian man and other one Chinese man. (Mainly three type of cast are Malay Chinese and Indian in the Malaysia).

HEAVEN Meeting police

Time’s around 3.30 am. A police car halted following to them. Police asks to show identification card. HEAVEN shows his fake passport copy and Thai girl original passport. A police’s asking question to HEAVEN. And other police was nearest car.
Police: I can’t consider your paper. Who’s this drunker.
HEAVEN: it’s my girlfriend. We’re known each other for the long time.
Police: that’s a good sign, but bad sign is you don’t have passport. You’re arrested as illegal immigrant. And she’s arrested not to have a companion.
HEAVEN: please help me I’m not illegal immigrant.
Police: both get on car at first. It finds a real proof later.

Police tells HEAVEN to take the seat in front one. One police takes behind seat with Thai girl. They’re driving the car slowly. And disconnect them radio network.
HEAVEN: this is probably like business as usual for us.
Police: it’s not right or wrong.
HEAVEN: I have gotten tips enough today, because it’s Saturday night. So you can just keep all my money here. And you did ours gone obviously please.
(Police takes all money from HEAVEN)
Police: well, your business is already done. Now have to discuss about our business.
(Who police is driving the car. He just supports other police opinions.)
Police: Mr HEAVEN your name is good also good is your business. But still we don’t know the price.
HEAVEN: I’m so sorry is I don’t know what are you talking about.
Police: bullshit, not understand. I mean you make money using your girl. So tell me the price faster.(Thai girl is sleeping leaning on police)
HEAVEN: sorry I never did anything like this.
(Behind police tells in front police, he doesn’t want to take price from us. The police of behind enter his right in Thai girl shirt for catching her breasts. Thai girl vomits on police hand.
(Then police tells HEAVEN to take off shirt. Police lasso Thai mouth by HEAVEN shirt So that vomiting is stop.)
HEAVEN: excuse me, what you’re doing.
(Police keeps bullet in weapon doing it unlocks. And police tells HEAVEN with staring)
Police: if you want to live in this fantastic world for more time. Then you get out from here and must forget whatever is happening at tonight.
HEAVEN: ok sir ok ok ok…. Absolutely ok, you just continue is whatever you like to do right now. I’m not going you to bother anymore. And i just hope to get the girl after making your own cool.
Car driving police: ok, we don’t take your girlfriend forever. Prostitute is able to do intercourse for a few time, they’re not able to become life partner.
Police forgot to keep weapon in order. The weapon is nearest HEAVEN. Behind police takes off his all dress. He forgets everything about duty at all. Police does intercourse Thai girl like ferocious animal. Police closes Thai girl mouth by shirt as a result she can’t breathe rightly. HEAVEN picks up the weapon with carefully and tells them, how I can let it be because she did a few pretty treat with me.
HEAVEN shoots behind police at first. Hurry up He shoots on stomach of the other police who’s driving car. Both police is dead immediately in there. HEAVEN collects all bullets from them. It’s raining as slight; no one is on the street. HEAVEN wears the girl just underwear and shirt. lighter was in police pocket. HEAVEN burns police car. And he left the place hurry up carrying Thai girl.

HEAVEN with taxi driver
HEAVEN’s met with taxi after exceeding three street turns. A taxi halts following to HEAVEN. Taxi driver face was exactly like an Indian black rude man. But his voice was sweetest. HEAVEN lays the girl behind seat in taxi. And He takes the seat in front.
HEAVEN: friend maybe it’s better to close inside lamp for looking everything clearly.
Taxi driver: I’m deferent than other driver. I always like to switch on inside.
(Taxi driver sees the girl by using looking glass. HEAVEN looks at the girl behind. Her legs are so sexy and see a little bit the underwear of her. Driver halts the taxi tells HEAVEN, the taxi gets trouble maybe. So he needs to repair. Taxi driver was so powerful than HEAVEN. He must to be unable to fight with two or three man for wining.
HEAVEN: I think the taxi is ok. But you’re necessary to repair yourself now. (Taxi driver hits HEAVEN by his left hand. It hits on HEAVEN lips as a result teeth and lips bleeding in there. )
HEAVEN: I’m so sorry, sorry….
HEAVEN shoots taxi driver and keeps his dead body in a deepest drain. that will be so easy to reach dead body in ocean. HEAVEN went to his previous hostel.

Bangladeshi hostel murder
HEAVEN has lived in this hostel prior. Three people are living in there now. Everybody get up after reaching HEAVEN in the hostel. HEAVEN rinses his face in kitchen. All is Bangladeshi Muslim here. One of most ability people is Saddam through hostel. He comes nearest HEAVEN and tells.
Saddam: I know I did something wrong with you. That’s why I’m so sorry for everything. All of we miss you for the long time. How are you?
HEAVEN: I’m fine. I forgot everything so I presume to coming here again, all we are just friend. (HEAVEN answered with so cool).

Saddam is extremely stubborn boy in this hostel at any way. A few people already have quitted the hostel for his monopoly bully. Saddam’s most powerful fat and tall than all here. So everybody speak to him with caution. And everybody always say yes with Saddam whatever he says.

Saddam: so far so good; I know what is so necessary to you recently is for your family. So tell me how much we have to pay for this pretty girl. You have right choice to select about pretty girl. But how stupid is we to calling as lady boy before.
HEAVEN: I’m sorry for mistake about introduced, she’s my wife.
Saddan: it’s a culture of the Malaysia for Indonesian, A Indonesian youth girl lives in the Malaysia with male as wife. But they’re just friend after going back home.
HEAVEN: she’s not Indonesian. She came here from Thailand with her family.
Saddam: it’s unknown to me not checking her passport. But I must have to do some important business in morning. So I cannot waste my time anymore. This Thai girl is not your wife.( raining begins hugely with thunder-clap)
HEAVEN: you’re absolutely exact in your idea. But it’s impossible for selling by me.
Saddam: then you have to quit the place in this moment not to wasting time.
HEAVEN: your decision is able to appreciate.
(HEAVEN wanted to go near the Thai girl to carrying her. She’s sleeping but sometime she gets up to trying for siting. It was unable for her )
Saddam: sorry you have to leave lonely from here in this heaviest rains.
HEAVEN: if someone touches this Thai girl then here can be happen incredible fact. (HEAVEN keeps warning to them telling it)
Saddam: I do intercourse with many type of girl after coming in the Malaysia. Sometimes I have paid for them and sometimes I did it as free. But your girl is black out now…. (saddam breathe once)
And I never black out about utilizing the condom with all of them.
Because I know properly about HIV aids; this is a finest girl to me is what maybe never come to me. So I will work with her not to considering about condom. My friend you also lucky here because you’re going to watch a live porn movie now; All this are incredible to ours tonight.
HEAVEN: the incredible should not be like jesting about serious matters. (saddam’s preparing own to going on girl)
Saddan: oh bullshit, please check the spot on your body for a time. Those have been made by me. And you have left this hostel recognizing that. All’s incredible to some people, still is truth.( HEAVEN keeps his vision down. other two people don’t ask anything there, everything was to them as smilingly)
Saddan kisses black out Thai girl. And Heave shoots a bullet for saddam at first. It hits on a sight body. Hurry up HEAVEN shoots other two persons a few times until dead. One person falls on girl. And HEAVEN goes to nearest saddam. saddam’s still not dead but unable to speak, sitting leaning wall.
HEAVEN: I have a dream to all the time to lie them forever who those slayed my innocent family members in the Burma. But I don’t know is how to perform in there. That’s why it’s rehearsal for me. (saddan beg his life sign hand)
HEAVEN: I don’t trust them who paid not me after make mistaking with me.
HEAVEN: if I like to save you so I have to like to accept dead. But I don’t want to die not to living with pretty girl for a while. (HEAVEN puts more bullets on saddam).
HEAVEN bathes Thai girl and keeps far in a big dustbin beside road. She’s sleeping well than before, it’s after bathing. And HEAVEN comes in hostel again. Two gas bottle was in there. HEAVEN makes up the hostel for perfect fire. It was only one storey house. Put fire before left. HEAVEN
goes away far somewhat.

Helping from Ava
The time is one hours before sun-rise; the Thai girl still loses sense. Many people and student rush for then as usual working. People of pulau Penang are busy before sun-rise.
HEAVEN calls former colleague Ava from street public phone. Ava picks the phone after three times ringing.
HEAVEN: hay it’s Ava.
Ava: hallow who are you please.( Ava wonder-struck getting a call from HEAVEN the long time later)
HEAVEN: I really sorry to bother you in quiet sleeping. I’m HEAVEN.
Ava: pardon me.
HEAVEN: it’s your previous colleague HEAVEN. Did you remember me now please?
Ava: oh HEAVEN, hay HEAVEN, how are you.
HEAVEN: it’s fine Ava. Ava, A Christian girl is with me now. That’s why I got a small problem here.
Ava: could you be details please.
HEAVEN: she’s feeling so sick because an attack has been over her.
Ava: you take her at hospital I have a call for ambulance, I know the number exactly.
HEAVEN: I could not do, it increase the problem more. (HEAVEN’s panting)
HEAVEN: Ava the God gave me a trouble but the God also whispered to me the help come from you in there.
Ava: sorry I’m not finding any clue for telling you now.
HEAVEN: Ava, if the girl doesn’t be with me, then I never hope helping from you in night. I gave you a word is I never bother like this ever.
Ava: it’s all right; tell me what I can do for you. I toil to do that.
HEAVEN: can you pick up ours from here. And please don’t tell anyone about ours.
Ava: ok I’m coming following your address. You just wait for me in there.

Ava apartment
Thai girl wakes up with so tired after sun shine falling on her face. She wonders about everything. Looks around, everything are new to her here just except the Discotheque waiter. He’s sleeping in another one room. She goes to washroom, and looks at mirror after rinse the face. Her clothe also have been changed. Thai girl takes a seat. She Toils to remember about last night. Most of matter she can realize. Thai girl thinks herself it.
“I gave a lot hurts an unfamiliar innocent people. If I live here he can get more trouble. Probably I also can get trouble in there. It’ll be better for both just to quitting the place.” She writes on a paper her email address for HEAVEN before quitting. But she can’t leave it, because Ava locked the main door from outside. There are needs the key for getting out.
Thai girl puts a pillow under HEAVEN head. She gazes at HEAVEN face sitting on floor.

HEAVEN dreams in sleeping that Malaysian police’s chasing him, they shoot him after getting.
HEAVEN looks around after getting up with scaring. He enters in washroom not closing door. HEAVEN’s gazing at mirror for a while. Thai girl was gazing at HEAVEN leaning with door.
HEAVEN: are you ok now.
Thai girl: year, how about you.
HEAVEN: I have got to tell you something. Please listen to me with attention. I’m not you’re a good friend and also not an enemy. I don’t know how far you know about last night. So we’re not safe here at all. Do you have any good relative at this city?
Thai girl: Yeah, Have just one. That’s you.
HEAVEN: complete your bath hurry up. And you must have to give up the city today. We’re waiting for Ava. After them bathing, HEAVEN was feeling the boring about Thai girl. He’s just looking at ocean. They’re not discussing with each other. Thai girl comes close to HEAVEN.
Thai girl: why you don’t like to leave your semen after getting obvious chance.
Heaven: it’s so expensive for me.
Thai girl: well, you don’t have to pay anything for me, but I should pay something for you. Thai girl begins to take off her clothe.
HEAVEN: please stop it in this moment. I hoped to do intercourse with girls; I could not do it in the whole of my life ever. So I utilized hand to reduce semen around when I felt so hot. But the psyche of me has been dead yesterday night. That’s why heartbeat is shaking in me restlessly. Now I must give up the city to terminate it. And I don’t want Ava involve with trouble because of me. It’s so hard to me hoping better behaviour from Malaysia people. But Ava is exceptional.

Ava is 69 years old now. She didn’t get married anyone ever. She is working in restaurant as part time recently. Ava used to live in here with her sister family. But sister’s son gets a very good job within another city. So her sister moves with son over there. Ava was worrying about HEAVEN.
Ava come back home doing job half.

The Bus station in pulau Penang of the Malaysia
Thai girl: sorry to say if you don’t mind anything is can i be with you please.
HEAVEN: oh no, you can’t.. (HEAVEN glances at Thai girl. Ava is driving the car)
Thai girl: if you be details about what’s trouble with me?
Heaven: main trouble is you have pretty attracting face. I’m unable to protect my own. And I’m also not going to find a clue to protect you in this moment. Because I don’t have my own passport on me hand. It’s over between us. I never like to slay people, but still I’m doing it.( HEAVEN whispers it being closest Thai girl)
Thai girl: i want you to escort to the Thailand. I know properly the way about it. It’s easiest to me.
Heaven: You talk too much than me. I know well than you about it. I came in the Malaysia at first time by being the Thailand sierra. But now I have an uncompleted job with me agent in Kuala Lumpur. So we’re going to be with Ava for the last time.
Thai girl: Ava, I just know your name from now. But I don’t know about you a little bit too.
Ava: don’t worry your friend know about me.
Thai girl: thank you so much. I really miss you.
Heaven: this is your bus ticket and food. Don’t talk and get down with anyone. I wish a best good travel for you.
Thai girl: well, if you contact to me ever. I will think from then. You terminated all despised on me.
Heaven: but you have to promise to me. You aren’t going to be street-walker anyone in whole of your life.
(Thai girl hugs HEAVEN and crying heavy with tears)
Heaven: everything will be all right one day. Get on bus please.
Thai girl: you are a best protector for me. None ever come to me just like being you. Probably I’m going to crying every knight for you.
Heaven: please don’t do it. You are still not women. So have a long time for you. Goes to Bangkok to toil for finding a better life in there. People of village are busy to criticize with each other. And people of city are in worrying about them food and home. Please get on the bus. It’s machine on.

Written by Azmal.

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